The Balearic Islands are approaching a ‘zero transmission rate’ according to the Balearic Infectious Diseases Committee. 

Spokesman Javier Arranz, for the Balearic Infectious Diseases Committee explained that data from the last 24 hours open a trend that could facilitate the achievement of “zero transmission” in the coming weeks.

Zero transmission is not the same as zero contagion – there will still be infections recorded. However they will not occur so much among the general population but rather in specific areas and settings such as nursing homes or health centres and that there would be greater control over the spread.

Although contagions will continue, this scenario allows for ‘greater control over transmission’, having passed an ‘acute phase of contagion’.

Mass Testing

With this scenario, Arranz went on to say that work is already being done to increase the detection of Covid-19 “rapidly” in both people with respiratory symptoms and those asymptomatic. The aim is to detect as many individuals as possible who are likely to transmit the virus.

Arranz added that the next step was to make the necessary detection tools available available to the health infrastructures closest to the population, such as health centres. This expansion of testing will be implemented in phases, starting with health workers, the elderly – with or without symptoms, or people living with those that have tested positive.

This is precisely the request made this week by the president of the Consell de Ibiza, Vicent Marí.

Mainland Mass Testing 

The new tests which are currently being carried out mainly in nursing homes, are showing an “important percentage” of asymptomatic patients according to epidemiologist Fernando Simón via the daily telematic press conference.

Simón has said that the ‘asymptomatic contagion data has been officially requested with the BOE’ which was published this morning. From this, the Ministry of Health sets out a unique model of notification to the autonomous communities of the pandemics evolution.

There are inconsistencies with the data provided by each autonomous community. So far,  some communities have provided data on asymptomatic patients but others are yet to.

Mass testing hopes to provide a more detailed picture. 

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