19 more places will be added, with 7 places for babies 0-1 yrs and 12 for children aged 1-2 yrs. The new classrooms should be ready for September 2020. 

Santa Eulalia City Council have reported that the new classrooms at ‘Escoleta Menuts’ should be ready for the September 2020 term, although works have not yet begun.

The project has been awarded to Zima Desarrollos Integralles with a planned  duration time of 7 months, although this could be extended if archaeological remains are discovered.

The extension consists of the creation of 2 new classrooms with play spaces, bathrooms and areas for sleeping which will be attached to the existing building. In taking advantage of the uneven terrain, a first floor storage area will also be added.

The works will cost €329,537 without VAT.

The nursery currently has 55 spaces available and in the extension will allow for 74 children. The expansion was planned for babies aged up to a year, however the amendment to include children aged 1-2 yrs was taken due to the increased demand for care for toddlers.

A municipal spokesman said that during the project builders will take measures to ensure there is no inconvenience to parents and children and that “more annoying” works are carried out when children are not present.