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Puedes traducir esta página al español, catalán y otros idiomas usando el botón en la parte inferior de la pantalla. Es una traducción automática de Google, no será perfecta, pero esperamos que sea comprensible.

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Submit Your P.R. Through Our Portal & Maximise The Probability Of Inclusion. Help Us To Help You. 

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Submit Your P.R. & Promotion Copy & Assets

Using this submission portal helps us manage the content we receive and so increase the probability of publication.

If you haven’t been here before we recommend reading the F.A.Q. first – you’ll find it below the form on mobile devices, to the right on larger screens. 

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Q. What is the P.R. and Promotion Portal?

A way to submit press releases, promotional information, events and more

Q. Why is it needed?

All news channels receive far more promotional content than they could ever hope to use. The Ibiza factor means we get more still. Our portal has several purposes.

  • Inbox Sanity.

It helps us manage an overwhelming inbox. The key data we request takes you 2 minutes. It saves us many hours.

  • The Right P.R.

The people using the portal will be those who genuinely want to reach out through the Ibizan. It puts the right promotions ahead of those where we are just another email address on a list of thousands.

  • Contributions.

It allows us to accept contributions towards the costs of running a newspaper, a real one, with real operating costs. Ask yourself the question, if whatever it is you want us to promote isn’t worth a 10 euro note, what is that saying to us?

Q. Money?

Yes, a shocking concept, but not one lost on our printers and distributors. Here are a few responses to money questions.

Q. Do I have to pay?

No, not at all. We consider all submitted content on its merits. But if your content is essentially advertising of a commercial product or service, is there a good reason you shouldn’t pay a contribution? Some examples may be useful; if you were sending us promotion for an Ibiza charity annual fundraiser, we wouldn’t expect nor accept a cent. If you are a struggling artist, trying to let the world see your inner genius, we’d appreciate your 5€ contribution. If you are a party promoter something equivalent to the price of a ticket or few might be the right amount. And if you are a corporation launching a new product or service, we think rather more might be fair. But ultimately any reasonable and equitable contribution is welcome, and if you can’t offer one, we appreciate you using the portal none the less.

Q. If I pay does it mean I’ll definitely get published?

No, it does not. But if we do not publish your submission we will refund you.

Q. Can I pay 1€?

Yes, you can. We don’t really know what you would be saying by doing so, but there is no minimum. The idea of this is that you are making a contribution willingly, recognising and supporting the work we are doing for you. If you are begrudging it to the point of thinking ‘how little can I pay?’, it is probably best to pay nothing at all.

Q. I’d like to pay, but my boss won’t.

Sorry about that, they sound awful.

Q. Does it have to be in English?

Definitely not. We are used to translating all day every day, but if you can provide it in English, please do. One less job for us, and the risk of errors removed.

Q How can I increase the likelihood of publication?

Good question. Though content is always going to be the most important factor, there are other ways to increase your chances. One way is to submit your press in the most user friendly way possible. There comes a time as every publication deadline approaches when an editor needs something fast and easy. Something they can drop into an empty space. The perfect submission would be one where two texts are provided, one long, say 800 words, one short, say 250, hence making itself usable for a variety of spaces. The texts would be written in the third person, reducing the re-write need, and they would not go overkill on sell, sell, sell, nor use ridiculous hyperbole for something that clearly doesn’t warrant it – the editor wants to be able to put their name to the piece. Add one or two decent resolution images and try to ensure everything is included without the need for further hunting – for example don’t write ‘further information is available on the website’, better to add ‘for further information go to https://www.sitename.com’

Q. How can I be sure you will use everything I send you?

You can’t. We’ll use our editorial licence to decide what to use and how best to present it. If you want control over the content, you should be talking to us about advertising.

Q. Do you offer any paid editorial services?

Yes. both as part of promotional campaign packages, and stand alone. Download a full copy of our current ratecard.

Q. I send you stuff regularly. Do I have to do this every time?

Referring back to the points on helping us manage an overwhelming inbox, we would be very appreciative if you would use the portal. But the answer is no, you do not have to use this every time, you do not have to use it at all, entirely your call.

Q. What images should I send?

Only send images you have the right to use. Tell us the rights holder if it isn’t you, the best way is to include credit-name-surname as part of the file name.

Q. Can I send our flyer?

You can send flyers if they have information, but aside from charity events and paying clients, please don’t expect us to use them – a flyer is an advert. Also, it is far better if you will enter the information on the flyer into the text box, otherwise you are relying on us having time to copy it out for you and that won’t always be possible.

Q. I’m not very experienced in P.R., I don’t know what to write.

Start with the basics of Who, What, When, Why and How. Then add some bullet points, key facts and information. This is often better for us than lengthy texts, so we can take it from there.

Q. I don’t want to spend time doing this if it isn’t going to get published.

We have set up the portal so that it should only take a few minutes more than sending us the same information by email. We can’t give guarantees, but if you would like to discuss any ideas before submission please do give us a call.

Q. My P.R. has an embargo on publication.

You can select the earliest and latest dates in the submission.

Q. When are your deadlines?

Generally a minimum of 10 days before publication is expected, however we will always take later content where possible.

For agenda items and events we recommend getting copy to us by the 21st of the month. This will ensure we can consider it for the first issue of the following month. The first issue of the month carries an extended agenda section which reaches many more tourists. 

Q. Will my P.R. be considered for print and online publication?

Everything that is published in the printed newspaper also goes out as our virtual e-issue on our website and to our subscribers and social media audience etc. Some P.R. may also be selected to go onto our website as individual articles, or as part of agenda and events roll-up articles.

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