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Erratic at best 🙂 We never know when and where the news will take us. To avoid a wasted journey please call or mail to make an appointment.

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2018 Print Editions

The Ibizan 2018 Print Schedule. In 2018 we are continuing with our dual format editions. 

The Ibizan For Sale at Newsagents & Quioscos

The Ibizan in Print is available for purchase throughout Ibiza and Formentera at Newsagents and 'Quioscos' (Newsstands). 


Platinum & Gold, The Total Ibiza Advertising Solution

Traditionally our most popular packages, the Ibizan's Gold & Platinum plans offer a total advertising solution.

NEW For 2018 Ibiza Tourism Advertising Promotion

The Ibizan's new advertising promotion for 2018 is designed to take the tourists from the hotels, and into your business.  To compare all of...

2018 Ibiza Advertising & Promotion Packages

Our 2018 summer season advertising plans offer better value and greater reach than ever before.
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