The Consell Insular d’Eivissa, have said they are asking the Balearic Government for support in the issue of property owners taking illegal occupation of coastline around the island.

This comes following the widely reported case of a Russian tycoon attempting to prevent access to the coastline fronting his mansion in Cala Conte.

The Consell’s press statement issued Tuesday 30th August says they will be asking for “maximum strength” in enforcing the regulations that keep all coastal areas in public ownership.

“We know that there are more cases, in addition to what is happening in Cala Conte, and this government is very clear that it will not retreat from its obligation to defend the public right of access and use of the shoreline” said the Deputy President of Ibiza, Viviana Sans. “The duty of the Consell, as we have no direct powers to do anything ourselves, is to ensure we do everything necessary to ensure the relevant departments of the Government can act under the authority they hold to maintain these rights.”

Sans said that since the Council, will continue to push the legal department with existing and any newly presenting cases where allegations of illegal occupation of the coast arise. “Commercial concessions must have their permissible areas made very clear, and everything beyond them must be denounced” Sans said, before going on to applaud and thank those local people and the local media who have brought the matter to their attention.