The Committee for Tourism, chaired by President of the Council of Ibiza, Vicente Torres has approved in its meeting today a report for a total of four improvement projects of hotels on the island.

The total expenditure will amount to an investment of 22 million euros.

All projects involve a star/key rating upgrade.

In total the approved Ibiza hotel upgrades will create an additional 1,206 4 star beds at the loss of a similar number of 2 and 3 star beds, and 249 4 key replacing the same 2 key.

The Ibiza Hotel Upgrades approved today are:

Santa Eulalia, from current 3 star to new 4 star hotel. Increase from 303 to 324 beds. The budget allocated to the improvement of the establishment is 11,896,128.12 euros.

Puerto de San Miguel, which will become a 4-star hotel with an investment of 8,471,362.42 euros. Currently has 222 beds and will reduce to 192 beds after works are completed.

Es Canar, a project to go from 3 to 4 star hotel with the number of beds remaining unchanged at 690. The investment made is 1,471,393.15 euros.

Santa Eulalia, tourist apartments which will increase from 2 to 4 keys. The number of beds will be the current 249, and the investment 125,945.92 euros.

Tipping the Scales

Once complete, these hotel upgrades may tip the balance so that for the first time ever Ibiza has more 4 star beds than it does 2 star. See the numbers in the VIP Myth or Reality article below, and below that see more details of the San Miguel development.

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