Ibiza Consell have announced a total of 775,000€ in grant aid for Ibiza’s Heritage & Tourism.

The announcement was made by David Ribas, Minister of Education, Heritage, Culture, Sports and Youth, (pictured).

Heritage 600k

600,000€ is available to help fund heritage projects on a sliding scale of priority.

300,000€ has been allocated to fund up to 85% of the total project cost of restoring or conserving the most important listed buildings. (Think grade 1 listed and you won’t be far off)

240,000€ is available for the restoration or conservation of secondary buildings and installations up to 60% of the total project cost. In this respect think grade 2/3 listed buildings for an approximation.

The remaining 60,000 is available under a new scheme called ‘Sponsor Heritage’, intended to fund the activities of non-profit organisations in the preservation, recovery and distribution of historical assets to society in general. This scheme carries a maximum amount of 7,500€ funding though it can cover 100% of the project cost.

Sports 175k

The 175,000€ available in grants to Sports organisers is subject to fulfillment of one of two criteria relating to the promotion of Ibiza as a tourist destination generally, or an event that will in itself attract additional tourism business.