As of Friday 27th the Balearic Government has confirmed that the especially stringent regulations in force on Ibiza will end. Thereafter the island will fall in line with the rest of the Balearics.

In practice this means:-

  • Curfew will be midnight to 6am.
  • Bars and restaurants can open until midnight.
  • Bars and Restaurants can open indoors – at 30% of their normal capacity, however this will increase to 60% when they have installed a CO2 metre.
  • Parks will reopen.

The new conditions will apply from 10 pm on Friday, at which time the restrictions expire.

Smoking allowed with conditions

Also, though unconnected to the Ibiza curfew and restrictions, from Saturday it will be possible to smoke again in public. The ban on tobacco is still in force on bar and restaurant terraces, and in public whilst walking or in congested areas.

Let’s try to keep it in simple terms – you can’t smoke in commercial premises, whilst walking, or within 2 metres of anybody else. Providing you keep still and out of everyone else’s way, you are good to puff away to your heart’s content, which is ironic.

The smoking ban has been in place since August. A 100€ fine is payable by people caught breaking the ban, and this fine will remain in place for anybody caught breaking the new protocols.

Opening of parks and playgrounds

In a video meeting held between the Balearic Government, the Ibiza Council and the five town councils, it was agreed to open the playgrounds, as in the rest of the islands, provided that they are disinfected once a day. Even so, the final decision will be made by each of the municipal administrations.

In addition, the three recreational areas managed by IBANAT in Ibiza will be opened and all their infrastructures can be used. These areas are: s’Argentera, in Santa Eulària des Riu; Can Cosmi, from Sant Joan de Labritja, and Sa Talaia, from Sant Antoni de Portamany. Likewise, as was made public last week, from Saturday the children’s leisure centres will be able to resume operation, with certain limitations.

Incidence rate

Ibiza has an accumulated incidence in 14 days of 179 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, while the figure is lowered to 68 cases in the accumulated incidence of 7 days. The positivity rate has dropped to 4.24%.

The president of the Island Council has reiterated that the “relaxation of the regulations does not mean a definitive victory” and recalled that the objective is to reduce the incidence data to 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.