The Far East

Flower Power

Despite just a couple of minor “technical issues” the Cala Longa Flower Power Night happening was a real success. The decorated lorry with DJ Andy Wilson on board passed through the very busy village followed by an increasing crowd of enthusiastic ravers out to enjoy themselves, at times bringing the traffic to a halt. Whistles, tambourines, drums and the like were the order of the evening creating quite a spectacle. The party eventually finished on the beach but had to finish just after midnight when the boys in blue asked for the music to be turned off. (We still can’t understand why visitors aren’t allowed to have a bit of noisy fun after twelve). The next Viva Cala Llonga event is a Dance Spectacular taking place on Monday 28th July. More info nearer the date. These extra events have meant that car parking became a bit of a problem, but this has now been over-come. If you are driving down towards the beach area, turn right in front of Restaurant La Vella, across from Bar La Cantina, and after about 50mtrs on the right there’s a large “Free” parking facility.
Low Cost Flight Warning
Now that one of the low cost carriers has allowed an extra bag in the cabin there is a shortage of room in the overhead lockers, so they have introduced a maximum number of bags on board system. If you happen to be at the end of the boarding queue they may ask you to put your cabin bag into the hold, at no cost to you. Please be aware that unless you lock it any valuables in it that may somehow disappear will not be covered under the T’s and C’s of your travel insurance policy. So if you find yourself in that situation please remove any valuables and documents, carry a spare lock and key, plus perhaps a tie on label, as it won’t have an identification tag on it. This may seem a lot of trouble but it’s better than your bag or its contents disappearing as happened to the family of a friend of ours recently. It’s probably a good idea to pass this information on to any visitors you are expecting to travel Low Cost.
Charity Event.
There’s a two hour Sponsored Moonlight Walk in aid of the Association Contra Cancer Ibiza and Formentera taking place on Saturday 12th July. Anyone wishing to take part should meet at Bar La Cantina in Cala Llonga in time to leave at 9:30pm. Sponsorship forms and more information are available by calling Margaret on 971 196394. This is a wonderful opportunity to join a group of friends and enjoy the walk under a full moon while raising money for this very worth while charity.
And Finally…
We read last week that we are all now advised not to wash chicken before we cook it. Seems crazy as we wouldn’t dream of roasting one with dirty feathers!!
Showing at Teatro España Santa Eulalia Friday 4th, Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of July at 9pm. Trancendence 2014. (119 mins PG13) Starring Johnny Depp. Rebecca Hall. Morgan Freeman. A scientist’s drive for artificial intelligence takes on dangerous implications when his consciousness is uploaded into one such programme.

Letter From Juan

It is, for me, that time of year that as a small child I used looked forward to but as a mature adult I could do without. Yes my birthday has come around again and it only seems like last week that I had the last one. But as the old fogies keep pointing out to me it is better than the alternative. As a consequence I am feeling slightly jaded as it has been one of these weeks when I only managed one day when I was not out and about wining and dining, thank goodness for Sunday. One of the things I did was to go and see the cars crossing the line in the Modball Rally. Somewhat bizarre really, a variety of cars and a couple of vans and they arrived on Tuesday had a “good night” then lined the cars up at the end of San Antonio harbour and drove down along the sea front and crossed the finishing line. But I suppose the craziness is part of the fun of competing in it. There were representatives from all over Europe and the eventual winner was from Scotland. It reminded me of the Monte Carlo Rally when all sorts of cars would start from all parts of the UK and Europe and race to Monte Carlo. To move on to a more serious note I heard that a young man had been killed and his girl friend seriously injured when their bike went off the edge and plunged down a steep slope. It therefore seems appropriate to remind you these roads are extremely dangerous at this time of year. There are many people who are driving scooters or car on what to them is the “wrong side of the road” so tend to look the wrong way at junctions. The driving customs in Spain are different and as a result if a Spaniard is driving round a roundabout they always adopt the inside position even if they are going all the way round the roundabout and back the way they came. Also please don’t get carried away trying to give your passenger a little scare or just trying to see how fast you can take the corners. Then even if you are driving sensibly remember what my old driving instructor used to say “always expect the unexpected”, bikes coming up on your inside, cars suddenly turning off across the road in front of you or if you are on a minor road and the car coming up on the main road is signalling to turn off into your junction and doesn’t! Finally keep within the speed limits; it is better to arrive a few minutes late than never to arrive at all. Have a safe and sunny week, yours, Juan.

View From The Pew

When I arrived on Ibiza 2 weeks ago, I came on a flight from East Midlands airport. Before we took off, we started to go through the normal Routine of a Pre-flight Safety Instructions and Demonstration from the stewardesses. Nowadays it appears to be routine as well that they have to ask everybody to be quiet. On our flight it took three times of asking by the stewardess for the passengers to be quiet, and the final one with the proviso that as it is a law that every airline has to abide by, we would not be able to take off until completing it in silence. There was still a group of men old enough to have known better at the back who were not completely quiet.
The noise levels were high for the whole flight, and on landing in Ibiza the same people got up before the plane stopped taxiing and the seat belt sign went off. Again the stewardess asked everyone to sit down until the seat belt sign was switched off. Nobody sat down again.
They left the seat belt sign on for 3 minutes more and we were waiting to disembark for at least another 5 minutes after that. Some of the more loud-mouthed people were moaning about not disembarking, and so I said to one of them standing above me in a fairly loud voice “If you would sit down as asked, then we would all get off more quickly.” All that comment received was a bit of puerile abuse, partly about my “crocodile Dundee hat”!
A vicar’s wife I know also had a loud-mouth behind her on her flight who argued with an air steward who even threatened him with calling the police when they landed if he did not sit down for the landing. His retort was “No you wouldn’t”! He of course had his gaggle of giggling girls to play to!
The amazing thing is that all these people who have no respect for authority and blatantly disobey the rules will often be the first to howl “foul” when there is an infringement at a football match.
How is it that these people don’t realize that rules are made for our benefit! God gave the 10 Commandments as guidelines in order to get the most out of life, just as the airline rules are there for our safety and rules of football and other sports have been devised for players to get the best out of the game. And we can see from what has happened on the football pitch during this World Cup what happens when people flagrantly disobey the rules.
I dread to think what will happen when a plane-load of people who can’t be bothered to listen to the Safety Demonstration have to make an emergency evacuation. I hope and pray it doesn’t happen and I hope that we will all realize that God-given guidelines for life are not a hindrance to us enjoying life but are actually there to help us get the best out of life.
Bob the Ex-Vicar

Sunday July 6th – 9:30am Holy Communion in San Rafael. 11am Service of the Word with Praise and Worship in San Rafael. 4:30pm Messy Church at the Social Centre in San Rafael. 10:30am Holy Communion in the Capilla in Es Canar. 5:45pm Songs of Praise in Hotel Panorama, Es Canar.

It’s Good To Talk

Dear Ibiza Counseling
We have been living here for ages (10years) and enjoy a good life style, my husband is able to work remotely and so we are not dependant on the island to sustain us which I know is difficult in the winter. However my husband has just found out he is going o be made redundant and the contract is up on our house after 10 years so I am in a major panic. The combination of the two situations has even made us consider moving back to the UK so we don’t have to compromise our standard of living. I am in such dilemmas the children might have to move school and we might not be able to enjoy all the things we have done in the past.
My husband says we will be OK for a year with his redundancy but what happens then? All the unknowns are really difficult for me.
Dear SW
Thank you for your e mail and I am sorry to hear that you are finding yourselves potentially in a different financial situation from what you are used to. Unknowns can be a challenge but I wonder what it is specifically about these unknowns that you are finding difficult? Is it the possible shift in life style and access to a certain way of living that you might not be able to have any more, what would it be like to contemplate life on Ibiza in a different way, does it necessarily need to be a negative? Or is it the thought of moving back to the UK and all the upheaval that will cause?
Its important to try and really process what is going on for you on an emotional level, to unpack exactly where the discomfort lies. What are the compromises you are prepared to make in terms of your standard of living, your home and the children’s schooling? It is often the case that the changes we most fear unfold to be the ones that can create the most benefit long term.
Your husband seems confident that not much will change in the next year so maybe you can use this time to re-evaluate and prioritize the things that are most important to you, that way you will begin to see a picture of how the future could look.
All the best with your plans for the future
Warm regards
For contact see my advert in local services.

Health Matters

Sugar, not so nice: Fat was always considered public health enemy number one in our diet but according to the World Health Organisation we need to be more aware of how much sugar we consume. WHO recently closed a public consultation, which when published will give clear guidelines on our sugar intake. More accurately what they are concerned about is the amount of ‘free sugar’ in our diets. Free sugar refers to sugars (or carbohydrates) added to foods in the cooking or processing stages or sugar that is present in honey or fruit juices. Sugars in the form of carbohydrates are naturally present in most foods, including unrefined foods such as brown rice. The chemical composition of these carbohydrates means it takes the body longer to break them down and are hence better for us.
Food manufacturers add free sugars, which include glucose, fructose and sucrose, to make food more palatable, preserve them longer or give them a certain texture. Many foods that are low or 0% fat have added sugar to replace the taste or consistency lost when removing the fat, yoghurt is a good example of this. Other foods that have surprisingly high sugar content include: fizzy drinks, pre-cooked tomato or curry sauces, mayonnaise, water drinks and even bread. This easy availability is partly to blame for the obesity crisis and continuing rise in diabetes. Other illnesses include fatty liver disease and heart disease as a result of obesity.
But it’s not so easy to curb our sugar intake. Some studies have shown that children, even new-borns have a preference for sweet flavours. Sugar can also boost our mood as it is involved in the release of serotonin, a hormone that makes us feel happy. A Yale University study also showed that whilst foods containing glucose made us feel full, eating foods containing fructose did not. So with no switch off we are more prone to over-eating when we eat foods with fructose. Fructose is found in many soft drinks and processed foods.
All sugars are broken down to glucose or fructose by the liver and either used or stored as glycogen or fat. At present 70g and 50g of sugar are recommended for men and women respectively based on an intake of 10% of calorie intake. 50grams is the equivalent of 2 cans of a carbonated drink.
So what can we do about it? The first step is to be aware of the amount of sugar we eat. On the food label ‘carbohydrate, of which sugars’ (hidratos de carbono, de los cuales azucares) tells us how much sugar a food contains. Anything with more than 15% is high and less than 5% is low. WHO recommends 5% as the maximum amount of calories gained by sugars although this is generally seen as a difficult target to meet.
If you would like me to address any health related issue please get in touch via The Ibiza Sun or at the email above.
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Gardener’s Corner

Philadelphus are a genus of shrubs that are quite common in The UK but they can also be found growing freely in Ibiza where they will do very well in a sunny spot. They can grow to small trees if left untended and are loved for the display of pure white flowers that are produced in May and June. It is the scent that really makes this plant so special as if produces a wonderful aroma not unlike the flowers of citrus fruits that grow so well in Ibiza. They have been given the common name of mock orange for this very reason. There are about 80 different types of Philadelphus which can be found growing in the mountains from China to the Americas as well as in northern Europe and the countries on the north side of the Mediterranean. Even thought they prefer full sun they will tolerate some shade and the Philadelphus Coronus Aureus which has a golden leaf will tolerate quite shaded spot and in fact are used to brighten up a dull shady corner with their bright leaves. Philadelphus need to be pruned by cutting the shoots that have flowered back down to strong new shoots lower down the branch. It is also a good idea to cut some weaker branches to the base of the shrub but again they should only be cut to where there are fresh new shoots coming from the branch to be cut. It is not uncommon to find a Philadelphus that has become overgrown and looking rather sad so it is possible to instigate a program to renovate them. One should cut some of the larger older branches right down to the base of the plant to encourage new growth from the base. In the following year the rest of the older branches can be cut back which will mean the plant can be pruned normally in the subsequent years. A good mulch should be applied around the base of the plant after such pruning. It is possible to under plant some of the smaller varieties with any number of herbaceous plants that will sit nicely under the arching branches which can create a spectacular effect as will growing climbers such as Clematis through them. These shrubs put some people off cultivating them because pruning can seem a little complicated but once the technique has been mastered the effort will be worth while as the scent will be strongest at dusk just at the best time of the day to have a cooling drink at the end of the day.