Far East


Dancing And More.
Next Monday 28th July the Viva Cala Llonga team, in conjunction with the Association of Vecinos, are staging a Beach Dance Spectacular. Starting at 8pm the country dancing group Es Broll will start the evenings proceedings with their traditional Ibicencan dances outside the tobacconists before moving down in front of Pirates, Bar Mayfair and Italian Restaurant Valentinos, ideal spots for photo opportunities, they’ll then be making their way to the stage on the beach, which will be situated in front of Frankie’s, La Altre Balagar, Café Del Mar & Restaurant Del Mar. At 9pm Dance School Capricorn’s youngsters will be putting on a display of their award winning routines, followed at 10pm by a Flamenco Show with Natili Galves and her dancers. This evening promises to be quite a spectacular and everyone is welcome to come along and see this free show of three very different styles of dance, courtesy of Viva Cala Llonga. The following Thursday, 31st July, in addition to the weekly evening market there will be live music from 8pm with Can Funk, making it another lively evening in Cala Llonga.
Losing The Plot!!
Last week we were hosts to two of our Great Nieces aged 13 and 16. It’s sometimes difficult to know just how to entertain youngsters so we drew up an “ideas list”. One of the highlights was a trip into Ibiza town late on Saturday, using the little “put- put” ferry from Talamanca, to sample the atmosphere and see what have been in the past some spectacular club parades. We are aware that a number of restrictions have been imposed by the council, but what a disappointment they turned out to be. We can cope with the idea of no whistles, drums etc but the people involved just seem to amble through the streets with faces like slapped backsides, no enthusiasm what so ever. The Pacha group in particular may as well have not been there and the Ushuaia ones were not much better. The Matinee Night group from Privilege and the Amphora guys did make some effort, but if this is the best these mega charging establishments can come up with then they might just as well not bother.
A New Sound In The East.
For all you music lovers out there we are pleased to inform you that Jeff Collins – The Irish Heart – will be performing at Bar Pio, Cala Llonga this coming Sunday evening 27th July and again on the evening of Thurs 7th Aug. Jeff’s style of Irish/Celtic, rock, country and oldies is certain to put you in the mood for a glass of cold Guinness, or whatever else takes your fancy. Remember also that Abby “The amazing Pianoman” plays at Bar Pio (The Place To Be) every Tuesday evening.
Fri 25th Sat 26th Sun 27th July 9pm. The Two Faces of January. (2014 Thriller 96 mins. PG13)
A thriller centred on a con artist, his wife, and a stranger who flee Athens after one of them is caught up in the death of a private detective. Stars: Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen, Oscar Isaac.
And Finally.
We’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate Teresa Waugh on the occasion of her 65th birthday which she celebrated lat Saturday with a group of friends at Siesta Grill. We understand you had a wonderful evening and we’re sorry we couldn’t be there.

Letter from Juan


The gremlins were at work again last week as my printer decided not to print anything. Then I realised I had not used it since the new Router was fitted. However I was surprised that I was having difficulty as the new Router’s password was meant to have been the same as the old one. Then I remembered that my wife also had a problem getting online with her computer and it wasn’t until I reinstalled the password that it worked. Why I wondered was it necessary to do that? I then noticed that the Engineer had used the same letters and numbers but that one of the letters was now in upper case whilst previously it had been in lowercase! Having discovered the reason it was just a matter of resetting the printers password. Easier said than done for non techno people like myself but I managed to stumble across the solution and all is once again up and running. Life is once more “tranquillo”- until the next “gremlin” appears. Mind you I don’t think you can blame the gremlins for the latest Malaysian flight disaster as they used when there were the mechanical problems in military aircraft during World War II. I wouldn’t like to be booked on a Malaysian flight or for that matter a shareholder in the Company. I only hope the old superstition of everything coming in “threes” does not apply in this case. Although the expression was not always considered unlucky “Omne trium pefectum” as they used to say in Latin “everything in threes is perfect” and in writing it is considered that the Rule of Three is more effective and funnier: Three Stooges, The three little Pigs, The three Bears and the Three Musketeers to name a few! Whatever you believe you have to feel for the Malaysian airline and all the poor innocent people who were killed in both their accidents. The other scary thing is the fact that many different airlines were flying over the same area. Does mean that now we have to check the flight paths of flights before we book our flights? I for one will certainly not be doing that- I have enough trouble booking a flight as it is! Finally just a reminder it is very hot and there are some very strong winds – a deadly combination if a fire is started, so please be extra careful and vigilant with any combustible materials. Have a good week and put on lots of high factor suntan cream,
yours, Juan.

View From the Pew

View from the pew

Please can we pray for an English holiday maker seriously ill in Can Misses? Can we make an extra offering to contribute to the care of orphans in Uganda. A man proudly showed us a photo of a newborn grandson. This was yesterday morning in San Raphael church. Good news and bad news. It was good to be together to thank God and to pray and to consider the story Jesus told of the wheat and the weeds – the good stuff and the bad, side by side. That’s life.
Hi – I’m Peter – officially called the ‘locum chaplain’, returning to Ibiza with my wife Barbara from our home on Merseyside to enjoy ministry here while the church waits for a new “proper” Chaplain! When we said we were off to Ibiza for six weeks some folk back home assumed it was to enjoy the sun and the sea, of course, but hopefully we can also offer our help in some ways to the English-speaking community here.
But life on Ibiza, or anywhere, is not all sunshine. In our few days here we have seen reports of the new ‘Cannibal’ drug adding to the many other drugs pushed into the hands of our young people putting fear into very many adults, including obviously parents of those who live here and are trying to do the best for their children. We have all been horrified at the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner and the tragic deaths of 298 innocent people – this almost defies belief – is there any limit to man’s inhumanity to man?? We grieve and pray for the many families and friends who have been bereaved in such a sudden and tragic way.
Later on yesterday we joined the holidaymakers in their ‘Songs of Praise’ at the Panorama hotel at Es Canar. (Held every week in the summer and open to everyone). The guests were invited to choose their favourites. We sang ‘When I survey the wondrous cross’ and many others. We ended with ‘We shall go out with joy’ – more modern than most – but a reminder that we can live with joy when we trust that God is with us, in the good times and the bad times, as He has promised to be.
Peter and Barbara Jordan – tel. 971343383
Next Sunday July 27th
11am Holy Communion with Praise and Worship, Santa Eulalia (RC chapel of Lourdes, San Jaime 85)
17:45 Songs of Praise at Hotel Panorama, Es Canar led by Seasonal Chaplain (Rev. Rod Fereday) (Unfortunately it is hotel policy that children under-16 are not admitted.)

Good to Talk

Good to talk

Dear Kate
I have what I think is quite a simple problem but I just can’t make it go away and do not want to resort to taking medication.  Basically I have terrible insomnia and sleep for no more then 3 to 4 hours at a time. I wake up tired every day around 7am and find it impossible to lie in. I generally go to sleep shattered around 9pm and sometimes have to have a sleep in the afternoons. Any help you can offer me would be really appreciated as this is beginning to ruin my life and I am simply not functioning, as I should.
Thank you, SV
Dear SV
Thank you for your letter and I am sorry to read that you are having such difficultly sleeping. Insomnia can be for a number of reasons and it is a little difficult to address them all here, as there is limited detail in your e-mail. There are some key things, which you may know about, firstly no screens for an hour before bed and definitely no screens or phones I the bedroom. Drink plenty of water and try to keep your alcohol intake to a minimum, alcohol is good at sending us to sleep but it generally makes us wake up during the night feeling awful.
It would also be a good idea to try and reflect on what you are thinking when you wake up and what you think about when you are trying to go back to sleep, waking up is often associated with emotional pressures and thinking about other things going on both physically and emotionally o it maybe that you need to address some of those things which are going on.
Finally exercise is really important for sleep, not only does it physically make you tired but it also gives the mind something to focus on. There are also some really good free podcasts available on i-tunes.
I hope you have found some of these pointers helpful, it is a little difficult to get more involved on the emotional side with out a little bit more back ground information about what is going on in your life both now and possibly in the past so if you would like to write in again then please do not hesitate.
Warm regards, Kate
Kate Stillman – Counsellor / Psychotherapist, for contact see my ad in local services

Travelling Tots


In her eight months on this lovely planet, Ela has flown six times, taken five ferries, travelled long and short distances by bus, coach and car and been on countless boat trips around Ibiza. I think it’s fair to say she’s already pretty well travelled! What’s more, she’s a pretty good travel companion. On a recent 21 hour ferry crossing from Santander to Plymouth she kept me, and other passengers, entertained with her excited babbling responses to every new sight, sound and sensation, her enthusiastic (albeit inaccurate) attempts to feed herself in the on-board restaurants and her general sunniness. She smiled her way around the decks and charmed everyone we met. Some journeys have been less easy…I remember pacing the floor with her to calm her down on a Balearia ferry to Mallorca when her teething pain just wouldn’t ease….but here are some sure fire tips which have helped us to keep our little one manageable.
1. Always carry distractions! Their favourite toy, blanket, game, book, whatever! We take Ela’s comforter/teething blanket/puppet everywhere with us. It’s proven indispensable. Big thanks to our mate Helen for sending it over from Australia. The Lamaze clip-on brain training toys are brilliant too…the myriad functions keep Ela occupied for ages. We’ve had her elephant one since she was born and have only just discovered that it squeaks when you squeeze it.
2. Take soothers. I was one of these Mum’s who swore I’d not give my kid a dummy, as I wasn’t keen on how they looked. When I went back to work when Ela was aged fourteen weeks, the dummy was the only thing that could placate her in my absence. It’s since been useful in getting her off to sleep, giving her something to chew on which is easy for her to manipulate herself and providing a swinging, bouncing toy when clipped to our her clothes or seat straps and attached to its chain. The same goes for teething rings or bickiepegs (also attachable to the dummy clip so she can’t throw them across the vehicle!)
3. Pack snacks. As a breast feeder, early feeding whilst travelling was a piece of cake, I just slung a muslin across and popped her on. Waiting until take off or landing to do the feed also meant we avoided ear pain with the pressure change. Sucking a dummy also works. Now she’s older, she likes a more varied diet ( and to play with her food!) so I have started carrying finger foods in the changing bag. There are so many available to choose from, but I’ve found corn or cereal puffs, biscotti fingers and mini bread sticks the least messy and most safe…they dissolve in the mouth so choking risk is minimised. Pouches of purée are fantastic and convenient foods on the go. I also own a couple of silicone feeders which are brilliant for allowing them to eat ‘ normal’ food safely and simply. You just open the feeder, pop in meat, fruit, bread or veg, close it and hand it over. They chomp on the silicone teat to mush down the food which then comes out through the holes. Genius invention! They’re also great with frozen banana in to help teething.
4. Walk around. On our ferry crossings we could explore the ship and look out of the windows or through the glass safety barriers on the open deck on Brittany. Time flew!
5. Tire them out before the journey. A sleeping baby is a peaceful baby! We try to play lots of games, spend a lot of time active and outdoors and prevent naps just prior to journeys. If flying we spend our time waiting in the airport exploring the shops, walking around or playing peek a boo with a muslin cloth thrown over our heads for her to pull off. She uses up excess energy and is entertained and usually sleeps for a good hour or two soon after getting on the plane.
6. Stay calm and upbeat. It’s hard, especially if you’re travelling at an unsociable hour or have been travelling for a long time, but babies and kids really do pick up on the emotions of the grown ups around them. If you panic at turbulence or rough seas so will they.
Of course, these tips may not suit every child and every parent will have their own ideas, but you might want to give them a go. If you’ve got any great tips, please share them with us. Happy travelling!