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738 Leroy Kevin with his new family for web

The True Story of Leroy the Kitten with only Eight Lives Left. This is a story of three holiday makers, Paul and Janine Harris and their young daughter Lara from Crawley in the UK. They were recently taking a stroll in Cala Llonga when they heard the distressed sounds of what they thought was a cat trapped under the bonnet, in the engine compartment of a parked car. With the help of one of our semi-residents on the island, (who I shall call Kevin to hide his real identity), he was able to locate the owners of the car and open the bonnet to find a very tiny young kitten trapped way down in the engine block of the car, unable to get out. After fifteen minutes of coaxing, the kitten was finally released and handed over to a very happy young Lara. What to do next?
With the help of our local ‘Cat Woman’ who we shall call Annie from the Wild Asparagus Laundry and Corner Shop, who is also involved with care4cats-ibiza, the kitten was taken to the Vet in Santa Eulalia who agreed to stay open late to wait for them to arrive. So off they all went, Kevin, Annie, the Harris family and the kitten. The kitten was given a full medical, injection and flea drops etc, etc and apart from being very malnourished was given a clean bill of health. The Vet also confirmed it was a boy about four weeks old and a very fortunate young kitten. They all piled back into Kevin’s small jeep and back to Cala Llonga. Lara named the kitten ‘Leroy Kevin’ on the way back and they all landed at Annie’s house where Leroy was fed and watered and fed and fed again and the start of hopefully a full recovery began. Annie has offered to foster Leroy until either his owners can be located or a permanent home found for him. The story doesn’t, however, end there. The Harris family, with encouragement from Lara, are now seriously considering flying young Leroy back to the UK to live with them after all the paperwork, injections etc., etc. How great would that be? I will keep you informed about what happens to Leroy but if you want to see more photos and follow his journey to full fitness please go to Annie’s Facebook page ‘Wild Asparagus Corner Shop and Laundry’. Good Luck Leroy.

Jean Davies. It is with great sorrow that we have to report the death of Jean Davies who passed away on Tuesday 10th June at the age of 69 after losing her bravely fought battle with cancer. Jean who was originally from Yorkshire had, along with her husband of almost 40 years Phil, lived on the island for 10 years.
Although quite a private person she soon became involved in a number of island based activities, including the walking groups, local keep fit and line dance groups, where she will be remembered as one of the few participants who could remember all the right steps. Jean also featured as Miss October in the Sunshine Girls 2014 calendar which rose over 5000€ for Contra Cancer Ibiza and Formentera. On Monday a service for family and friends was held at the open air church in Cala Llonga followed by a reception at The Terrace Restaurant. In accordance with Jeans wishes her remains will be transported to Majorca for cremation. We would like to offer our sincere condolences to her family and friends.

View from the Pew

A belief is something you hold, a conviction is something that holds you. People generally have too many opinions and not enough convictions. The world at its worst needs the church at its best!
Services with the Rev. Bob Short. Sunday June 15th: 10am Choral Communion at San Rafael. Sunday June 22nd: 11am Holy Communion with Praise and Worship.ICS Seasonal Ministry with the Rev David and Jenny Rouch.
10:30am Holy Communion at RC Chapel in Es Canar (behind Rio’s bar) 5.45pm Songs of Praise at Hotel Panorama in Es Canar

Letter From Juan

A friend of mine died the other day, in fact, it was the lady who was reported in last week’s paper as going off the track and tumbling down the mountainside, but although the car did go over the edge into the valley, it didn’t tumble, but just went straight down and it is expected that the autopsy result will show death due to a heart attack or stroke. Anyway just before I went to her funeral I came across a quote the other day in a book that seemed somewhat appropriate, “you can’t prevent the birds of sorrow flying over your head but you can prevent them from making nests in your hair.” So I have tried to think only of all the good things that happened to my friend and all the enjoyable times I spent in her company. Mind you, I should also follow my own advice, unlike the other day when I foolishly bought a bottle of Spanish white wine without checking the date. I went to drink it a couple of days later and it was “corked”. I checked the date it was 2012 not 2013! Of course on this occasion I had paid cash and had thrown away the receipt so couldn’t take it back! Hopefully I will learn from this mistake and make sure I check the year and keep my receipt. However, with my new positive thinking I thought, ah well, it has at least stopped me from drinking another bottle of wine, the trouble was I still had gin and whisky in the house! No, I managed to resist them and went to bed feeling very righteous. On the subject of accidents and old sayings and their reason for them, I have just finished a book in which it explained why people say “Oops or Whoops” when they have a little accident. It is a superstition passed down the centuries from Roman times when Ops was the ancient goddess of good fortune so when anything bad happens you correct it by invoking her name! Well, here’s hoping you have an accident free week, yours Juan.

It’s Good To Talk

Dear Kate
I have my own business but recently I have lost all motivation to keep it going and feel as if I am on a self destruct mission. Just as things were beginning to start looking promising I am about to mess it all up, I have a wife and small daughter and am not sure how much longer I can expect them to stick around me with this attitude of not caring that I seem to have taken on in the last 6 months or so.
What shall I do?
Dear MO
Thank you for your e mail and I am sorry to hear you are not feeling as motivated as you would like. I wonder what it is about being on the brink of success that makes you “mess it up”, I wonder if the idea of maintaining the success is possibly quite daunting and actually in a way being on the brink of it means that you are always in a positive place with something to look forward to rather then in a place where you have achieved it and either have to maintain it or possibly face the consequences? Does this feel like a pattern? Have you found yourself in a similar position before?
It seems as if you are worried about your relationship and if your wife will “stick around” have you spoken to her about how you feel and what you think the blocks might be to you being more motivated? I think you have hit the nail on the head when you speak of your attitude, its not so much the success or not of the business but what you feel you are putting into it. You have to feel comfortable with your own efforts and sure that you have done all you feel you can, that is the only thing that will allow you to understand the outcome be it positive or not.
I hope you are able to take some time to look at what the blocks maybe for you and consider how you might like to change some of your patters to support working through them.
Warm reg`rds
Kate Stillman – Counsellor / Psychotherapist. See my advert for contacts.

The Long Walk


Congratulations go to the participants and organisers of ‘The Long Walk’ charity event, which took place on Saturday May 31st. At the last count the total amount of money raised on the 30km walking challenge was 9,306€ and the donations are still coming in.
Apart from two people, all of the walkers were able to make it from San Antonio along the coast to Cala Comte where a ‘picnic-pitstop’ was planned. After lunch a tough group began the more challenging section of the walk and continued to Cala Tarida before taking on several big hills inland and towards Sant Agustì. As they started on the first hill, storm clouds, which had been gathering for a couple of hours, suddenly burst and soaked them completely. With about 10km left to walk, they ignored their blisters and trudged through mud and puddles to the end point at the church in Sant Josep and the restaurant Sa Plaça.
Conceived by the Ibiza Walking Association (IWA), The Long Walk raised money for seven Ibizan charities – operations small enough for those who donated to know that their sponsorship money would make a difference. APNEEF have stated that they will be able to buy new equipment to help with the sensory development of disabled children. Care4Cats will be able to catch and sterilise over a hundred stray cats, preventing the births of thousands of unwanted kittens. For the Fertile Roots Foundation, the money raised is just enough to buy a second hand surveying telescope with which they can make accurate contour maps and plan water harvesting earthworks.
Rob Smith from the Ibiza Walking Association said:
“On behalf of the charities, we would like to use this opportunity to publicly thank all of the participants who put so much hard work into raising money and everyone who generously sponsored them. ”
So a big “Bravo!” to all those involved and a reminder that it is not too late to donate money. Go to the IWA website, click on ‘The Long Walk’ Let’s see if we can get the total raised up to €10,000!