• Privilege and Es Paradis claim the Mayors of San José and San Antonio are turning a blind eye to the infractions of other clubs, including Hï in Playa d’en Bossa.

Superclubs Privilege and Es Paradis are pursuing legal action against the Mayor of Sant Josep, Josep Marí Ribas Agustinet, and the Town Planning Councillor, Ángel Luis Guerrero.

In an announcement by the clubs’ lawyer, Joan Cerdà, it was stated that they are pursuing action for the alleged crimes of ‘administrative trespass’ and another ‘against the ordination of the territory’, in essence that the two flouted the laws and regulations in force with regard to the opening of the Hï superclub in Playa d’en Bossa, following the closure of Space at the end of the previous season.

Their lawyer said, “We are going to request the opening of an oral trial because Guerrero has acknowledged that the works of the disco Hï were made without a licence (a charge refuted by Guerrero), that they did not stop works as a result, nor were sanctioned, and that the permit for work was issued later.”

In addition to the charges over the undertaking of works, they also claim Hï was allowed to open illegally. “In addition, the Hï disco opened without a license and the Municipal Council did nothing to prevent it.”

Guerrero Says “Unfair”

Councillor Guerrero reacted by saying that the lawyer acting for both himself and the Mayor, Ascensión Joaniquet, would be requesting that the case be dismissed on the grounds that the accusations are “unfair”.

Guerrero said that the works undertaken in Hï “were always covered by building permits, and with all relevant technical and legal reports.”

Regarding the opening of the club without a license, Guerrero confirmed that it did open a few days before formal permission had been granted. “This is an infraction, not a crime, and for that reason the Local Police issued a report that led to a fine of 5,000 euros,” said Guerrero. “The opening license was also supported by technical and legal reports,” he added.

The Diario de Ibiza reported that they had contacted the owners of Hï , the Matutes group, however their spokesperson said they would not comment on an open judicial processes.

sant josep mayor ribas and town planning councillor guerrero deny all charges

Selective Hearing?

Es Paradís and Privilege have also denounced the mayor of San José together with San Antonio Mayor Pep Tur Cires, for what it alleges as “abandoning functions” in the noise control of selected entertainment venues, specifically in certain beach clubs and some disco hotels, such as Ushuaïa in Playa den Bossa, also part of the Matutes Group of Companies.

Defending their position in court, Ribas and Tur presented documentation which they said demonstrated their innocence in taking action on violations, “regardless of the type of business in question.”