• Game Over/One Night Stand @ DC10
  • Text by Holly Reed, Images via promoter.

Here we are again at DC10 for Game Over’s One Night Stand, a month later and definitely a month hotter! August has hit club land and the white isle with a heatwave of temperature and quality DJs on line-ups every night across our clubs.

Our pilgrimage to the early evening service at DC10 started for us with Clara Da Costa whose legacy in Ibiza afforded her the coveted warm up slot to the undisputed King of the Ibizan dance music scene Carl Cox.

Clara Da Costa

Clara’s set which we caught the last half of included warm deep groovy stripped back house sounds, which are all to familiar to Costa’s own record label Jacks House Recordings.

Carl started his set as he always does with an insurgence of energetic feel good house music with nods to classic tracks with samples from the likes of The Bucketheads ‘The Bomb! These sounds fall into my mind’ which had the ever increasing very hot looking crowd going wild.

Carl’s regular trademark MCing on the mic with his opening ‘Oh Yes Oh Yes!’ gambit showed he quite soon on had the dance floor in the palm of his hand as he powered through 2 hours straight in 40+ degrees heat which alone that night made him a legend!

Main Room

We moved into the terrace to get some air (con) and found Isbel and Felipe Bevo opening the Main Room. Of course, the focus was on Coxy in the garden, but this duo had a group of dedicated dancers who like us felt the groove and stayed with them a while to enjoy their cutting edge on point music selection which had consistent flow.

They were followed by Romanian Varhat who stepped up the pace and like his peers kept the steady groove and enticed some garden revellers to stay in their welcomed very cool terrace dancehall.

In The Garden

Back in the garden Carl finished and Norman Cook followed and played a totally different vibe to what we usually see from Britain’s crowd-pleasing DJ royalty, with a refreshingly underground vibe to his usual set with no evidence of the showmanship of FatBoy Slim, I really enjoyed Norman.

We drifted between the main room and terrace enjoying sets into the night from Michael James, IO Mulen and Australia’s Kerry Wallace, the head honcho of Australia’s Underground night ‘Sash’ who had the main room bouncing quite quickly into his set as the garden closed and interior club rooms filled, his unique and stand out set for us started the interior part of the One Night Stand club night properly.

We didn’t stay for Carl’s second set as we were in the early doors 8pm crew and there’s only a certain amount of raving one can do in 40 degrees heat but the night was hot in so many good ways I did forget I was melting (at times) My thanks again to Game Over for having me and I look forward to your next offering next Month back at DC10…