Hard Rock Hotel have confirmed their Children of the 80s Ibiza line up for 2019.

Children of the 80s has grown in popularity in recent years, offering a night of fun without any pretentiousness. Talking of pretentious, the Brand always show it as ’80’s’, with an apostrophe. They are wrong. In context it is 80s plural, not possessive, therefore there need be no apostrophe. Of course were they to call it 80s’ Children, an apostrophe would be required, though after the s, demonstrating that 80 is both plural and possessive. Sorry, but it bugs me every year. Right, that’s sucked the fun out of it, moving on …

From May to October

Opening on 31 May with German synth-pop band Alphaville, ‘Children of the 80’s’ will take place every Friday from 6pm for 18 weeks at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza’s beach-front open-air stage.

Over the following weeks, music icons from the eighties and nineties will take it in turns to headline the event, including British rapper Ice MC (7 June), Danish singer Whigfield (21 June), and Spanish duo OBK (28 June).

Known as ‘the queen of house’ and the ‘diva of dance’, legendary singer and songwriter Barbara Tucker will be gracing the stage four times over the course of the summer, starring in ‘Children of the 80’s’ parties on 14 June, 19 July, 23 August and 20 September.

The 2019 season will come to an end with its closing party on 27 September, headlined by German dance act Snap!. Y’know, ‘No, No, No No No No, No No No No, No, No, There’s no limits!’ That one. **except it isn’t the one is it, as Danny Kaye has just taken great pleasure in pointing out, No no no etc is of course 2 Unlimited, and Snap! (with an exclamation) are ‘Rhythm is a dancer’. Oh the shame of it! Dan also says the lyric is ‘Serious as cancer, rhythm is a dancer’, I can’t be bothered to check it but I never knew that. Bit odd. **

Entrance is free to Hotel guests and anybody dressed up in 80s clobber. One reason Children of the 80s had become so popular locally is that it offered free entrance to residents too. There is no mention of that – we’ll check it out and let you know.

Children of the 80s 2019 Full Line Up

31 MAY – Alphaville

7 JUNE – Ice Mc

14 JUNE – Barbara Tucker

21 JUNE – Whigfield


5 JULY – Queen Machine (Queen Tribute)

12 JULY – Gala

19 JULY – Barbara Tucker

26 JULY – Queen of the Night (Whitney Houston Tribute)

2 AUGUST – N-Trance

9 AUGUST – Katrina

16 AUGUST – I Want U Back (Michael Jackson Tribute)

23 AUGUST – Barbara Tucker

30 AUGUST – Tina Cousins

6 SEPTEMBER – U Rock (Cover Band)

13 SEPTEMBER – Double You

20 SEPTEMBER – Barbara Tucker

27 SEPTEMBER – Snap!