45€ Cheap Tickets for Amnesia Closing Party Saturday 14th October.

We have an allocation of 30 tickets for the 13 hour (minimum ;-) ) season ending spectacular that is the Amnesia closing party – when they’ve gone, they’ve gone.

You can see them on sale at 65€ on many ticket sites – check for yourself here at the biggest – Ibiza Spotlight Amnesia Closing

The regular online ticket price is 65€. The door price is 70€. But our price is 45€

45€ Cheap Tickets Amnesia Closing Party 2017 Sat 14 Oct
45€ Cheap Tickets Amnesia Closing Party 2017 Sat 14 Oct

Tickets available for collection from San Antonio Bay or delivery throughout Ibiza. Full details in FAQ.

Pay online by Debit or Credit card via Paypal.

See below the order form for FAQ and guarantee.


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After you click to buy you will receive an email. If you do not see it in your inbox immediately please check your spam folder. 



the ibizan 877
intercambio – ads for tickets

Q. How do I know they are genuine tickets?

A. We did a trade with Amnesia – tickets for advertising – quite a normal practice in Ibiza. We collected the tickets directly from them at the club yesterday. 

Q. Are the tickets restricted in any way?

A. No – there is no restriction, they are equal to a ticket you would buy online, there is no time or any other restriction placed upon them, you can enter the club any time until 5a.m. which is the same for everybody. 

Q. What’s the catch?

A. Just that they are physical tickets so it does involve the hassle of collection or delivery – hence the low price.

Q. How can I pay online without a paypal account?

A. You do not need a paypal account to pay through paypal. You can use any debit or credit card without having to ‘sign up’ for the paypal service. 

Q. Can I pay cash?

A. Sure, no problem, providing you are happy to collect and there are still some available. Send an email here with “Amnesia Tickets” in the subject and the quantity required. We’ll reply with collection information. 

Q. How much does delivery cost?

A. A single cost of 10€ per transaction (not 10€ per ticket)

Q. Where can they be delivered?

A. After making your purchase you will receive an email asking for your address for delivery. We ask you to verify your address is searchable in google maps – providing we can find it, we can deliver to it. (If you are staying in a hotel just the name and town is fine)

Q. Will I need I.D.?

A. Yes – simply as proof of collection/delivery. 

Q. Will the Amnesia Closing Party be any good?

A. Oh Yes :-) See the line up and info below.

Q. What time will it finish?

A. It is scheduled to finish at noon on Sunday. What time it will actually finish is anybody’s guess.  

Q. What guarantee do I have?

A. There really should not be any problem, but for your reassurance we will give you a contact number to call available for the duration. If you are refused admittance due to the ticket validity, you will receive an immediate full refund. 

Q. Would I be stupid not to buy them from The Ibizan then?

A. Yes you would :-)

amnesia closing party 2017 line upThe Party

WooMooN is just about as cool as it gets in Ibiza right now. Hosting arguably the island’s best and most on trend event at Cova Santa.

Cute move by Amnesia to pass over the main room to WooMooN, and as good a guarantee of a superb season ending party as you could get. And as ever it is the ACTUAL season end. The very last party of the 2017 summer season, so a big favourite with all the summer workers and residents determined to get out and boogie before the year ends.

In the WooMoon main room line up we have Damian Lazarus, Lee Burridge, Rampue (live), BLOND:ISH and Valentin Huedo.

On the terrace it is Better Lost than Stupid – Davide Souillace, Martin Buttrich and Matthias Tanzmann plus Eats Everything, Ilario Alicante, Mar-T, Hector Couto, Luca Donazelli, Caal and Les Schmitz.

Don’t forget – the Amnesia closing party is not one where you’ll want to peak early. It goes on til noon the following day (at least), so pace yourself, and be among the last on the floor.

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