• Charlton Player Arrested For Rape of 19 Year Old Tourist in Cala de Bou Hotel
  • 2 more players arrested, 1 for restraining the victim, another for filming the assault on his phone.
  • The National Police confirm medical reports indicate assault, and state the woman’s complaint as “coherent and credible”.

More detail has emerged regarding the widely reported arrest of Professional footballers in an allegation of sexual assault in Cala de Bou.

The preliminary report prepared by the Ibiza Court Institute of Legal Medicine indicates that the signs found on the body of the woman complainant are compatible with those of a sexual assault, as confirmed by sources familiar with the case in the Diario de Ibiza.

In addition, the investigators of the Family and Women Unit of the National Police (UFAM) have stated that they consider the account of the 19 year old woman “coherent and credible”.

Hotel Arrests

Following the complaint filed by the young woman and the results of the medical tests, UFAM agents went to the Cala de Bou hotel where the players were staying, and arrested two of the presumed involved, both professional players of Charlton Football Club.

One of the initial two detainees is accused of holding the girl during the assault, and the other of recording the scene with a mobile device.

Yesterday afternoon, following a photographic reconnaissance, the agents arrested the third suspect, whom the complainant accuses of being the alleged perpetrator of the sexual assault. This man admitted to the investigators that he had sex with the complainant but claims it to have been consensual.

As explained by the National Police, on Monday the complainant and her friend met a group of footballers in a San Antonio bar, and both accompanied them to the players’ hotel in Cala de Bou.

“Once in the rooms, one of the girls was sexually assaulted by one of the players, while a second grabbed her and a third recorded her with her mobile phone,” the Ibiza Police explained yesterday via a written statement.

The report continues to state that after the events the victim was “visibly affected”, and that her parents with whom she is on holiday immediately suspected something was wrong. Once their daughter told them what happened, they went to file a complaint at the National Police station.

Court Appearance

Apparently, the agents are also investigating an alleged assault between two of the players in the hotel in Cala de Bou. The UFAM investigators took statements from the three suspects yesterday afternoon and they are scheduled to be taken before Judge Carmen Robles in Ibiza Court of Instruction 4 this week.

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