Situations Vacant: Professional Party Tester (possibly the best job in the world)

Are you a lady of exquisite taste? Do you know how to party? Can you spot a quality mojito from across a crowded bar room? Have you ever dreamt of being paid to party? Well now's your chance?

Ban the Boob & Stop the Cock, It’s Not Only in Ibiza

Henceforth, the Mediterranean town will no longer tolerate "the public exhibition of phallic tiaras or unbecoming behaviour with inflatable sex dolls.”

Registration Transfer – A Guiri Guide

a step by step guide in English for the process of importing a vehicle which is, in our opinion, unparalleled in its being current and complete.

Can Misses like a Local 

How To Do The Hospital Like A Pro—In and out of an outpatients appointment in under 20 minutes. Here we give a Giuri’s guide to dealing with your hospital appointment better than a local—from parking, to check in, to appointment and departure in under 20 mins. Is it possible? Read on.

White Island, Gala Screening & Film Review

“Ibiza is the same as any good relationship, it changes as you do, you have to work at it”.

Father Wins High Court Case Quashing Fine for Holidays in Term Time

A significant proportion of Ibiza's early season business comes from British Families with school age children. We all know the rules, but not everybody observes them. Today a father has won his case in the High Court that serves to quash a fine issued by his local authority for taking his child out of school without authority for a family vacation during term time. We know from opinions received that it is an issue that divides opinion. For some families it is only the lower cost of holidays during the low season term time that enables them to have a family holiday at all. Does that justify missing school?

Ibiza Shady Business; Money Laundering, Drugs, Fraud, & Being a Right Bastard

San Jose Beach Concession Auction & Editorial Response. The Ajuntamento of Sant Josep’s controversial plans to auction the boroughs beach concessions have resulted in accusations of money laundering, muscle man intimidation, drug smuggling, tax fraud, and just being a right bastard.

San Antonio ‘Strange Occurrences’ NOT Caused By English Hooligans

Over the past weekend, strange circle patches have been observed in the Bay of San Antonio, and we are delighted to announce that it has been officially confirmed that the phenomenon are NOT the fault of lager swilling English Football Hooligans.

Ibiza Town Nipple Inspectors

Hot on the heels of San Antonio's raft of pre-season regulations, Ibiza Town have announced their own wide ranging advertising and promotion controls, including a requirement for club street parades to submit their costume and choreography to city inspectors for a new 'vulgarity test'. It's tough work .....

Fair Rent Fightback Starts Here …

The Consell De Ibiza Promises To Intensify Inspections Against Illegal Tourist Renting. New Government Online Letting Site offering Landlord’s Protection in return for Fair Rents

SAN BANTONIO, Banned; Public Drinking. Banned; Late Night Drink. Banned; PRs & Parades. Not...

San Antonio Town Hall have added a raft of further measures designed to help shift the image and reputation of the municipality away from the boozed up Brits chips and tits that has been to some the ongoing blight and to others the lifeblood of Ibiza's second city.

Ibizans in Glass houses ….

In comparison to goats, led screens, and now mosques, I have seen nothing of outcry over this issue. Perhaps that is because we are all guilty, we all defraud the state when opportunity to do so presents itself, because that is ’the Spanish way’.

St Patrick’s Day, Ibiza 2016 (Just Add Guinness)

A round up of our advertiser's St Patrick's Day Parties, plus the Life & Legends of St Patrick - background on the man behind what must be the world's most widely celebrated national saint's day, and finally to ensure you can go completely green on Thursday 17th March, a recipe for Authentic Irish Stew. Everything you need for Saint Patrick's Day in Ibiza ... except the Guinness.

EU Referendum – Have Your Say

If you have been on the UK electoral roll within the last 15 years, you are eligible to vote. The electoral commission’s latest marketing promises that online registration is a simple process, quicker than making a cup of tea. Follow our simple step by step guide.

Hot to Trot – Balearic Day 1st March

The Trot races are a great family day out event, and for those fancying a flutter the on course betting is a simple enough affair, just pick your favourite colour/horse/name a wager a few euros. The course has on site catering and for the meeting on Tuesday 1st the celebrations are to be extended with a craft/hippy market.

San An Shops Booze Ban Midnight to Morning

San Antonio Town Council have today passed an ordinance prohibiting the sale of alcohol from Midnight to 8am - creating "Dry Zone" during which alcohol cannot be purchased from any outlet.

A Place Called Home? Accessing NHS services as a British Expat

Where do you call home? Even those of us committed as lifelong Ibizans may make a slip of the tongue when referring to the UK or Ireland as ‘home’. Perhaps that will never go away, but as much as we may consider our place of birth as that we call home, the reality is that we have turned our back on it and so perhaps understandably it has turned its back on us, certainly as far as health care is concerned.

Ecotax – Pro or No?

With opposition parties planning to confront the Government over the proposed Ecotax, we ask for your views in our one-click to vote online straw poll.

Carnaval! What, Where & When 2016

It’s carnival time again! The main towns in Ibiza celebrate carnival (‘carnaval’ in Spanish or Mardi Gras as it’s also known in other parts of the world) with a parade. It is the festive season that takes place before Lent in many countries and is usually characterised by a celebration and parade through the streets before the seriousness of fasting or giving up of something for Lent begins. It might not rival carnival in Rio, but it’s taken very seriously in Ibiza.

Ibiza Roadworks Interactive Map

Interactive Map to show when and where Ibiza's roadworks are being undertaken.


Advertising Media Pack & Rate Card

This flip-book is best viewed on laptop/desktop.  If using a mobile device we recommend downloading a local copy copy of the pdf (via the bottom...

2019 Ibiza Advertising & Promotion Packages

Our 2019 summer season advertising plans offer better value and greater reach than ever before.

‘Todo el Año’, Special Advertising Promotion for All Year Business

A full year print & digital advertising campaign bundle.  Targeting Ibiza residents, businesses & visitors. The bundled price represents a saving of 1706€ on the total...