Sonica Streaming

Ibiza radio station and broadcaster Ibiza Sonica has launched a game changing streaming experience. Fans of the White Isle can now enjoy live HD video streams of Ibiza’s best sunsets, beaches and events coupled with multiple channels of the world’s best electronic music.
Gerald meets Sonica Radio and Carl Cox

Dreams Can Come True; Carl Cox and Sonica give Gerald the ultimate VIP.

Ibiza Dreams Come True For Gerald Mas Who Meets His Hero Carl Cox at Space. Ultimate VIP; Carl has an area of the dancefloor right by his DJ Booth roped off for Gerald, who has cerebral palsy, and his carers. Another dream comes true as Andy Wilson of Sonica Radio gives a personal studio tour. Two wonderful carers say they want to give more disabled people the Ibiza experience.

People Who Buy From Illegal Street Traders To Face Prosecution

Spanish town of Torrevieja to punish the people who buy counterfeit goods from illegal street traders. "Counterfeit goods are sold because there is a demand for them, and by penalising the buyers it is hoped that it will deter them from taking the risk."

Ecotax Up and Running. Now, How Should We Spend It?

“it is time to move forward and engage public and business participation in deciding what investment projects should be financed through the income generated by the tax”. Catherine Kladera, minister of finance

Keep Off The Grass – Protect Our Posidonia

Consell Launch ‘Green Sail’ Nautical Tourism Campaign. Call for ‘Cultural and Social Change’ to Protect Pitiuses Marine Ecosystem. Posidonia Specimens in Local Waters Found to be 30,000 Years Old.

Foreign Office Launch Brexpat Advice Website

Government launches new webpage aimed at British expats, following Referendum result PLUS how much beer Brexit has cost you.

Open Air Cinema, Ibizan Guide

The ‘in thing’ this summer and perfect for the long, warm, summer Ibizan nights, is outdoor cinema and a number of options are popping up around the island.

Get Your Freak On – Ibiza Fetish

In Fetish it is fair to say that if it’s good on the door, its good on the floor, but often better tied to the wall.

Watch What You Say – Santa Eulalia Mayor To Sue Facebook User For Slur

The Mayor of Santa Eulària, Vicent Marí, has initiated proceedings to sue a person who accused him of accepting bribery on Facebook. The mayor is demanding 3,000€ in compensation.

Situations Vacant: Professional Party Tester (possibly the best job in the world)

Are you a lady of exquisite taste? Do you know how to party? Can you spot a quality mojito from across a crowded bar room? Have you ever dreamt of being paid to party? Well now's your chance?


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