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Parasailing Accident, The Missing Video

Parasailing Accident, The Missing Video 27th October 2014 Nicholas Gibbs The original go-pro film of the parasailing accident in Cala De Bou on Wednesday 25th September 2014...

Ibiza Beach Clubs get 65 decibel limit in San José, inc Playa d’en Bossa,...

Under the new regulations a minimum fine of 30,000€ will be imposed for breaches of over 20db, (so 85db - the current limit) and 50,000€-300,000€ for breaches over 25db.

Ibiza Jellyfish Plague: The Mauve Stinger & How To Treat A Sting

The most common Ibiza Jellyfish, Pelagia Noctiluca has stinging cells with a very active toxin that produces a burning sensation, intense pain, inflammation and red skin rashes.

Ibiza Rocks No More? founder McKay on Ibiza’s ‘Impossible’ Regulations

McKay said he has ‘had enough of risking his business’ by attempting to stay within Ibiza’s noise regulations.

British Man Dies in Freak Accident at Ibiza Airport

It is not known what caused him to attempt to jump the security barrier at Ibiza Airport, only that it ended in tragedy.

Lucha estación de autobuses. Cómo empezó. Video con explicación en español

"El chico español comenzó el abuso. Era muy abusivo. El conductor del autobús estaba tranquilo, relajado. No discutió."

Ibiza Fire in Port Des Torrent – Irresponsible UK Press Go Nuts

For the reassurance of relatives in the U.K., it is a significant fire, but nothing that the awesome 'bomberos' firemen and women here do not take in their stride. No-one is at risk.

British Head Of Ibiza Drugs Ring Jailed For 10 Years

The head of an organised crime group which smuggled drugs and cash between Ibiza and Wales has been jailed.

Giles Sawney, Tribute & Obituary by Colin Butts

Giles was a bon viveur who lived life to the full. For several years he resided behind Amnesia in what was referred to as the ‘Judgement Villa’ and its walls could tell tales that would have given the old Manumission Motel a run for its money.

Welcome to San Antonio Super-Bay, 20 million euro budget for bay promenade

The new paseo will run the entire length of the bay from Port des Torrent to join up with the existing paseo in San Antonio, and thereby create a new connected San Antonio Super-Bay.

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