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      Everything relating to living and working in Ibiza.

      Guidance and information on starting a business, and features on businesses already established on Ibiza.

      Health, education and welfare services.

      Procedures, guides and regulations.

      Charity and community information.

      Buying and renting property.

      Learning Spanish & Catalan, and Other Training & Education Resources.

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      Crunch Time: 20 Days to Ensure Your Right to Live and Work in Spain

      British Citizens Living in Spain need to; Apply or register for residency. Check or register for healthcare. Exchange UK driving licence. Check passport validity.

      Opinion: Will parents be sent to prison if they do not send their children...

      You won't be going to prison, whatever your decision re school, but our children are all going to suffer, of that there is little doubt. 

      Ibiza Police Enforcing Mask Non-Compliance Fines of 100€

      Statistics of Ibiza covid-19 fines issued, Latest mask wearing regulations, Mask compliance editorial. Read all about it.

      Opinion: Ibiza Commercial Property & Business Closures.

      We can all name a few Ibiza businesses that seem to be doing well despite 2020's unique challenges. But we can name them using the fingers on one hand. For the vast majority the target is more one of survival than success.

      Thomas Green’s British Supermarket Ibiza – Much More Than A Shop.

      Thomas Green’s British Supermarket is way more than just a shop. Community hub, charity collection point, parcel drop off, information sharing central, and now their very popular hot pies and pasties!

      IFCC President Helen Watson Opens ‘The Food Co.’ British Supermarket in Ibiza Town

      The new British Supermarket in Ibiza store opening has created 15 new jobs, and a welcome addition to the range of produce on sale in Ibiza.

      Is The Balearic Rent Relief Programme Bonkers?

      Proof that Palma is totally out of touch with the needs of its Ibiza citizens?

      Ibiza Covid-19, Phase 1 in English, Step by Step.

      Our best advice in this respect is to stay calm, keep smiling, and be co-operative. 

      Ibiza Covid-19, Shared Custody of Children, Movement Between Parental Homes

      the courts are sympathetic to any short term informal changes to custody arrangements

      “The Children Will Be Allowed Out ASAP”, Plus School Implications

      Full details of the academic school year and assistance for children with difficulties

      Online Catalan Educational Resources

      Finding fun ways to learn in Catalan can be difficult. Here we offer a couple of web portals which offer fun, age appropriate learning

      Ibiza Coronavirus Covid-19 RESOURCES Deliveries & Essentials

      Food deliveries, pharmacies, shops, and other resources and essentials.

      ‘Autumn Is The New Spring’ Campaign

      The #MoveYourSpring campaign is uniting businesses in a bid to lengthen the tourist season through Autumn.

      Ibiza Coronavirus Covid-19 Information – JUST THE FACTS

      Frequently Asked Key Questions. Covid-19 Numbers. State of Alarm. The Lockdown. Travel. Health & Health Services. Economy. Further Reading.

      Want to work in Spain? Digital Analysts, Ham Carvers and Fork Lift Drivers urgently...

      Despite Spain's highest unemployment since 2014, some sectors are in urgent need of staff and have effective zero unemployment rates.

      Council Expands ‘Menuts’ Nursery In Santa Gertrudis

      19 places will be added, with 7 for babies 0-1 yrs and 12 for children aged 1-2 yrs. The new classrooms should be ready for September 2020. 

      Santa Eulalia Launch A New ‘Pilot’ Bus Route

      The bus route will have 20 stops and the pilot test will run Monday to Friday during the months of January to March. A single ticket will cost €1.55 with discount tickets for certain groups.

      Ibiza to Menorca Direct Flights

      The new Ibiza to Menorca direct flights will operate three times a week, increasing to 5 times a week in peak season. 
      Portrait of Neil Wood with the caption "Don’t let the boyish charm, adventurous streak and chilled out demeanour fool you though. Neil Wood is a hard-working and determined business owner"

      Backpacker to Boats: Neil Wood of Boats Ibiza: My Ibiza Story

      The next in Carly Sorensen's series of interviews charting the personal stories of individual Ibiza connections, Neil Wood of Boats Ibiza.

      Jet2.com and Jet2Holidays Recruiting for Ibiza 2020

      Jet2 are the type of business Ibiza should want to work with. We support those who support us. 


      Advertising Media Pack & Rate Card

      This flip-book is best viewed on laptop/desktop.  If using a mobile device we recommend downloading a local copy copy of the pdf (via the bottom...

      2019 Ibiza Advertising & Promotion Packages

      Our 2019 summer season advertising plans offer better value and greater reach than ever before.

      ‘Todo el Año’, Special Advertising Promotion for All Year Business

      A full year print & digital advertising campaign bundle.  Targeting Ibiza residents, businesses & visitors. The bundled price represents a saving of 1706€ on the total...