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Issue 844. Day of the Tourist. Ibiza pays tribute to those who come, 3 days of special events, plus can any more come? All the stats are up but how many more can we take? The Art of Noise, Eden Soundsystem and Judgement Friday, Carl Cox goes final vinyl, Mariposa Sundays, Shebizan early morning pleasures, “Rest in peace grandfather” Las Dalias founder dies age 89, plus September Agenda, Beer Festival, Donnegans sweet 16, Playing for change and much more Ibiza News, Views, Reviews, Sports and community.
Issue 843. “Stupid Is As Stupid Does”, San An P.R. Regs Waste Much, Achieve Nothing. Boats Ibiza - 15 tips for Virgins, Palapa - street food review, Faithless and Lessfaith - same gig 2 views, Mary-Lynne Stadler - Ibizan artist, Paddy Slater, Jacaranda Celeb Sundays, Copa de Ibiza, No Means No - Consell campaign to end sexual aggression, Enough is enough - no more beds and bars on the beach, Keep off the Grass or Keep out of Port – Formentera bans Posidonia pirates. Plus agenda with something to keep you busy
Issue 842. We ask Why? Why are the predators allowed on our streets? Space to San An Hotel. The Formentera Factor, Recycling like a Pitiuses Pro, Rio Ibiza, San An's new marina marvel, plus Skrillex, Boat Party, Original Ibizan Material, loads in Agenda, Community, Sport, Ibiza News and much more.
Issue 841. The Peasants are Revolting, special news features on coast and beach public access and regulations with guide to the Ley de las Costas, plus Rooftop Nine, the skylounge that leaves us in Seventh Heaven, Ibiza Legend José Padilla, All Saints at Ibiza Rocks, August and September agenda, Shebizan London Fashion Week preview, Olympic roundup and all Ibiza’s News and Views.
Issue 839. Ferry Tales, Mr Corsten interview, Time for a trip to the Strip, Fresh review, Mambo & Savannah Pre & Free, Plastik Fantastik, Kaiser Chiefs at Rocks, plus Who Are The Pirates? Taxi-ing Times editorial, Cala Llonga and Figueretes Fiestas, Reggae Moon, Shebizan Boho Brides, and free Spanish with the Open University, Ibiza News, UK Sport, Ibiza Community and always much much more.
Issue 838. Welcome to the mad month, August in Ibiza, too hot to trot but the dancefloors still rock. We love Formentera, Ibiza’s little sister shows us a thing or two about Pitiuses pride, Agenda bender, we’ve 5 pages of Island life for people with a fashion passion, a heart for art, a nature way, and loads for the party hardy. Plus Ibiza Food Tours, one of the best ways to spend a day, Eric Prydz and Armin van Buuren at Ushuaia and Phat’s and Small in interview. Still not happy? Hey! What's wrong with you? You're looking kinda down to me-e. 'Cause thing's ain't getting over. Read what we say. Got to turn the page, got to turn the page.
Issue 837. Ibizan Legend; We pay tribute to ‘the man who started it all’, DJ Alfredo double page pull out poster. Plus Dreams Can Come True, Carl Cox and Sonica give Gerald a holiday to remember. La Cacatua review. Festival of the Earth, Dorado Live Shows, Sonica Streaming, House of Madness, Pippi’s 1st Album, Fashion & Lifestyle, Summer Activities for the Kids, and Ibiza News, Ibiza Sport, Ibiza What’s On, Ibiza Food & Drink and much more.
Issue 836. Dryland - Ibiza's water reserves critical. The Good Time Guys, Ken and Vaughn get it together. Jacaranda Tree Restaurant. Alter Ibiza. Ultra Nate. Sankeys. Shebizan. Eco-issue, Coastal Clean Up, Recycling in San Jose, Posidonia Posse, Agenda, Dance extravaganza and much more news, sport, and everything that is anything in Ibiza.
Issue 835. Keep off the grass - Protect our Posidonia, Green Sail initiative, Ecotax - how do we spend it?, Brand New Heavies, Bloop, Babylon Beach, Cream - Armin van Buuren, Grandmaster Flas at Sankeys, Sol House, LCD Soundsystem, Fetish Ibiza - Submission, Are you too old for Ibiza at 40?, Summer Hair and Specs, The Tankini, Euros, Wimbledon and British GP, and Miss UK Supermodel at Plastik.
Issue 834. Hot n Sexy. Scorchio! Heatwave. Torchio! Ibiza Fetish and Swingers. Phwoarchio! The History of Bikinis. Plus we have Love from Cat, the Euros, F1 and Wimbledon, 2 pages of Agenda, News, HYTE, Ibiza Rocks, Jacaranda, Millenium, Maxims, and as ever, much much more.

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