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Issue 854, February 2017. Slow Down, death on the roads, It’s War, Night vs Day, Club News, Defected in the Hood, Valentines, Oysters for lovers and Royal Plaza, Living in Spain, Drink Drive Regs and El Paro, 4 Page Tourism 2017 feature, 4 page Winter Agenda Special, Shebizan Cheap Lingerie, Mismatched Lingerie, Dirty Pants and Ancient Dildos, plus Sport, Community, Spanish Sex and much more news, views, reviews and everything that is Ibiza for Ibizans.
Issue 853. Farewell to Mo. Our tribute and obituary to Ibizan legend Mo Chaudry. The Big Review of the Year Quiz, Address from the President, Vicent Torres new year speech in full. Axelbeach, new LGBT hotel for Cala de Bou, Eivissa expects, Island rejects Palms proposals, in the U.K. Press, ExPats honoured, La Movida, Catalan classes, Villa Mercedes for Lovers, Sunday Roast at Flaherty’s, La Torre Winter Menu and Sunset Sessions, Haggis, time to give it a try, Ibiza Resident in Design Show semis, On the Busses, Ade Harris gives his Opinion, and much more news, views, events and everything and anything Ibiza.
Issue 852. Some Christmas Things, Some Interesting Things, Some Statistical Things & Some Newspaper Things. Santa’s Sleigh Seen in Sky over Salinas – you heard it here first, 12 Pages of Christmas Ibiza style, plus Christmas Club, the island keeps dancing all year long, plus Shebizan, Amanda’s ultimate fashionista gift guide: True Love, we find it with Mikki Funk: In News, Budgets, Ibiza prioritise public transport and Spain goes for black money: Balearics have Spain’s highest Gender violence: Tourism, Official Frontur figures show 12.6% increase in 2016 plus IMS 10 and Cruise Clubbing: Flaherty’s, proper fish and chips in Ibiza: Property, Return of the 100% Mortgage and Bubble warnings, the real cost of property in Ibiza: Ramon Llull, Philosopher, Logician, Franciscan Tertiary, Writer & Balearian: Community, Elaine is back with Tarotscope, Kate helps the people, Sabina helps the dogs: Plus 3 pages of Sport and something for everyone about everything in the Ibizan.
Issue 851. Our Man in Madrid; exclusive interview with British Ambassador to Spain Simon Morley. WTM; day by day report on London’s major travel fair. Rental Rights; We take an in depth look at Spain’s ‘Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos’, the law covering all aspects of property rental. Nasty Gal; In Shebizan Amanda is in love with Courtney, is going hell for leather over Zara, & is on a roll with True Rocks drumsticks. Hey Hey Christmas has come early for the Ibizetters who have released a home grown charity song, plus plenty of festive parties. Bored! Carly’s guide on how to survive 500 hours with a housebound child and still come out smiling the other side. Driving Right? Do you need a Spanish licence? And much more news, views and reviews of everything Ibiza in the Ibizan.
Issue 850. Luke Rhoden Inquest, Terror suspects arrested in San Antonio, Permanent Ibiza Time, VIP Pirate Taxis, Tourism 2016 stats and facts, Ibiza’s first Salt Fair, Bullfighting in Spain, End to parliamentary deadlock in sight, Spain’s administrative system, Halloween the biggest and best guide, 2 pages of Community and Agenda, PQA opening day review, White Island release, Jezzas world of sport, Ibiza cricket, American GP, Ibizan pool league, and in Shebizan Amanda shows us the perfect bum!
Issue 849. Pacha group sold for 350 million €, Ibiza drugs, property special, second home shake up, what to offer, how to but with Balearic Mortgage Services, Balearic Island for sale, Shebizan naked lunch, 2016 Season Past, Ibiza Sabors food festival, Babylon Beach Roast Dinners, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Halloween round up, Ibiza Trail marathon, Ibiza Light Festival, Ibiza Fashion festival, Ibizan Pool League, Ibiza cricket club and ¡Força Formentera! V Sevilla in the Copa del Rey. Plus much more Ibiza news, reviews and views in the Ibizan.
Issue 848; And Breathe… All Expats to Get Vote, 15 Year Rule Scrapped, Changing face of Ibiza, not according to the Ibiza Sun 2004, Pauline Quirke Performing Arts Academy opens in Ibiza, Native Chef, Shebizan, 6 of the Best Autumn Food & Drink, Motorsport weekend, Ibiza Light Festival, San Rafael Fiestas, Oktoberfest, and a whole lot of Love as Ibiza has a special wedding weekender. Plus all the Ibiza News, Views and Reviews
Issue 847. Blubby Sunday, Tears & Cheers as Bossa Space says goodbye, End of the carry ons? Sant Josep consider Ban and Amnesia have permit withdrawn. Ibiza Sabor, gastronomic Autumn, Kumharas special Sunday closing preview, DJ awards, Sankeys Dance 88/89, Shebizan goes Triple Denim, and Amanda looks at the changing face of Ibiza, plus bumper Sport with the Ibizan Pool league, Ibiza cricket club, F1 Malaysia and Jezza’s Sport report. Much more Ibiza news, views and reviews.
Issue 846. From May to September, How the Campaign to Stop Illegal Tourist Rentals Started With All Guns Blazing, and Ends Up as Weak as a Water Pistol. Fabric in Ibiza, two chances to Touch Cloth, Late Season Flight Options for Returning Workers & Direct UK Flights Winter Schedule, Ibicenco Dictionary, Ibiza's Record Weather Statistics, Donnegan's Sweet 16, Shebizan Wine Rack Bra, Sabina’s Dog Psychology, After School Activities, DJ Awards, Ibiza Music Video Festival, Space Closing Live, San An Medeival Fair, Ibiza Spirit Festival, and much more news, views and reviews from Ibiza.
Issue 845. All Quiet on the Ibizan Front, Noise Clampdown, San An Hotel Music Banned, Bora Bora Terrace Closed, Alter Closed, Es Canar Hotel Fined. Club Cash Raids, Ushuaia and Pacha next for the Chopin, Government Rejects Tourist Controls, Freddie Rocks and Cosmic Pineapple Review, Bananarama come to Hard Rock, Danny O'Sullivan - Best Job in Ibiza?, Tulipan Sunsets, Greenhart Beach Clean-up, Playing for Change preview, Mare Nostrum Folklore, 1001 Heads exhibition, plus all your regulars, more Ibiza news, more Ibiza events, and just more Ibiza.

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