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Lily Allen, The Ibiza Weeks

Lily Allen, The Ibiza WeeksThe teeming Ibiza Rocks crowd let out an almighty cheer to Lily Allen’s opening announcement as she comes on stage to begin her first Ibiza...

At Night 26th June 2014

We’re big fans of Local Lad Manu Gonzalez in the Ibizan office. Manu’s mixes have helped us through many manic Mondays and frantic Fridays keeping us tapping our toes...

24-7 Ibiza

The West End Angels, 24-7You might not be familiar with the 24-7 organisation. Though they do not blow their own trumpet too loudly, their work in the wild West...

At Night 12th June 2014

Take 5: Judge JulesNG: Quite a lot happening since we talked in April? JJ: Yes it seems the last couple of years we’ve been quite late finalising plans. BCM Majorca...

Painted People

Mums Go WildA group of my oldest (in the sense that I've known them since childhood, not that they're octogenarians) and closest friends came here this week to celebrate...

At Night 5th June 2014

George ClintonGeorge Clinton is one of the foremost innovators of funk music, and the mastermind behind the bands Parliament and Funkadelic, also known collectively as the P-Funk All Stars...

Interview: Lenny Ibizarre

Lenny Ibizarre, real name Lennart Krarup, is a well-known and respected Ibiza musician, producer, remixer and DJ with a wide range of musical skills from ambient to chill-out to...

The Ibizan: Judge Jules, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth

Perhaps one benchmark of a true entertainment icon is the ability to transverse generations, and in that Judge Jules has certainly fulfilled the brief.  Clubbers from 20 to 50 ...

The Ibizan: Danny Whittle

Ibizan: A series of interviews with some of the island’s prominent Artistic, Business and Public figures where we’ll be asking about  their private and professional Ibiza life.Danny Whittle has...
Jasmine PR Manager for Avicii

Interview with Jasmin Lawrence, PR Manager to Avicii

PR's often suffer a lot of bad press in Ibiza. A journey to the West End bars can feel like a battle, 'Where are you headed tonight?', So why...


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