The Care 4 Cats charity have made an appeal for help to deal with a crisis in the number of strays on the island.

The charity is asking for the general public to sign up as local volunteers to help them trap cats for neutering.

Care for Cats representative, Patsy De Sousa, said they need 2 volunteers to come forward from every town in Ibiza. “We will show them how simple it is to trap cats with our  automatic equipment” she told us.

The cats are then taken to a nearby vet, and the following day they can be returned. “The trappers will not need to handle the cats”, explained Patsy, “It is very easy procedure and in most cases quite quick, though sometimes a little patience is needed to wait for the last cat!”

The charity feel that if enough volunteers come forward they can make a huge impact on the number of feral and stray cats in Ibiza. “We now trap and neuter 1000 cats each year, but need to double that number in order to make an impact”.

They are looking for 100 volunteers to help, and all nationalities/languages are welcome.

If interested in helping out, please contact