You Can’t Buy Class: Drunk Brit Run Over By Drugged Brit, who Does a Runner

We shouldn’t make light of the situation really, the woman involved suffered quite serious injuries, but y’know, like if only we could hold it together so as not to come across as complete scumbags to the natives. Just for a bit.

Drunk vs Drugged

The incident occurred in the early hours of Thursday morning.

You Can't Buy Class: Drunk Brit Run Over By Drugged Brit
You Can't Buy Class: Drunk Brit Run Over By Drugged Brit

A female British tourist, described by the Guardia Civil as being in a heavily intoxicated condition, attempted to cross the busy main road of Avenue Doctor Fleming that links San Antonio with Ses Paisses and The Bay of San An.

The police report says she crossed at an ‘illegal point’, which basically means she didn’t use a crossing, jaywalking being technically illegal in Spain though rarely prosecuted.

Now anybody that knows Avenue Doctor Fleming will know that inebriated tourists lurching out into the street looking ion the wrong direction is not an unusual situation. In fact despite there being a pedestrian crossing every 10 yards, it is not that unusual even among sober tourists.

How affected by the booze this lass was we will never know, but unfortunately on this occasion she was not yet another near miss. She was hit by a car, receiving a bad but non-life threatening injury to her head.

Driver guns it, fleeing the scene.

She is admitted to hospital – battered but conscious.

Police go on a hunt for the driver. His car is found abandoned in the centre of town. Police track him down and administer drink and drug tests. He tests positive for Cocaine and Methamphetamine. And yes of course he’s another Briton, kind of had to be really didn’t it?

So who was at fault? The drunk pedestrian, or the drugged driver?

Either, or both, again it is not our finest hour and will do nothing to change the minds of those locals who consider the Brits a blight on the borough.

But one thing to always remember in Spanish drug test cases, the test only identifies whether there are traces of it in the system, not when it was taken or how affected by it a person was. To put it in context, the ‘failed drug test’ report we receive would be exactly the same for somebody completely mashed who had sniffed through a few grams within hours of a test, as somebody who had a few lines of coke a week before.

Credit Where Due

We do regularly find cause to level criticism at the police, and we are not alone in sometimes putting this down to what appears to be apathy on their part.

Credit where it is due. In this case, and to the best of my recollection in all cases this year when it has been known that a perpetrator of a serious crime is at large, they got their man.