The Cannibal Drug

Toby Boulton

What is “Cannibal” and why is it so dangerous?

PABS (Psycho Active Bath Salts) aka Cannibal, Bliss, Scarface, Bolivian Bath and around 50 other alias names it’s sold under has unfortunately immigrated to Ibiza. The name Cannibal originates from an infamous world publicized cannibalistic attack in Florida which bath salts were believed to be involved – in case you never heard of it Google: Causeway Cannibal for details. The term “bath salts” comes from the covert method used to internationally distribute forms of this substance originally as a legal high with the disclaimer on the packaging: Bath Salts – Not for Human Consumption. Due to the amount of poison centre emergency calls, destructive behaviour during arrests, suicides and accidental overdoses fortunately it is slowly but surely being recognized, studied and prohibited by authorities worldwide. The main ingredients MDPV, Mephedrone, Methylone and basically anything else from rat poison to chlorine is combined to make a white or yellow crystallized powder that can be dangerously swallowed, snorted, injected, smoked or spiked. Individually these drugs are nothing new and the potentially hallucinogenic stimulants are basically a synthetic relative of “Khat” (an organic stimulant found in East Africa and certain Middle Eastern countries.) Other aspects that make Cannibal so dangerous is the unpredictable dosage/toxicity/concentration, extreme sleep deprivation and the hard comedown crash which can combine and induce a combative state of “Excited Delirium” (again a term well worth a search to see how hectic abusers can become.)

IMG_9891What are the effects and importantly what should you do if you encounter someone displaying the dangerous attributes of the Cannibal/Bath Salts drug?

Behaviour varies dramatically dependant on the specific PABS combination, the time period/amount ingested and the individual. Paranoid delusional psychosis with a combination of paraletic Capoeira and or demented break dancing (search “Effects of bath salts” on Youtube for some disturbing but informative performances.) Anyone who believes they may have unknowingly ingested this drug must seek immediate medical attention. PABS have been analyzed and compared to a combination of all the worst side effects from Meth, Crack, PCP, Ecstasy and LSD with the optional extra of being poisoned to death via heart attack, hyperthermia, respiratory/circuitry/neurological/renal failure or damage and countless other health problems caused when the vital organs, central nervous system, muscles, bones and connective tissues are pushed beyond extreme limits. The most obvious signs someone may be on “Cannibal” are extreme agitation, deliriousness including verbal rambling sometimes with salivating animal like behaviour and complete incoherence to pain, danger while unresponsive to any verbal command. It can be hard to distinguish at first between an extremely intoxicated person and this is the dangerous and potentially lethal challenge especially for security, law enforcement and emergency medical technicians if they unknowingly try to help and or control them using standard measures. Superhuman strength, endurance, and pain tolerance is as common as combativeness and profuse sweating (which usually results in discarded clothing many times to full nudity) due to extreme raise in body temperature and agitation from inability to sleep.

If as a bystander you encounter someone incoherent or aggressive on PABS you should call an ambulance and law enforcement informing both that you believe the person to be on Bath Salts/Cannibal. Alert nearby security/control and others in the vicinity. Importantly maintain a safe distance to avoid being struck, wrestled, scratched, gouged or bitten and if possible remove or reduce dangers surrounding the individual.
Even family and friends can be unrecognisable to users when in this ED state which makes anyone trying to calm, help or restrain with good intentions being the first and usually not the last to be injured by their violently unpredictable zombie like behaviour. As many cases have proved particularly in the USA where bath salts are no longer readily available from Gas Stations and specialist stores, Law Enforcement and EMT’s that don’t recognize or adapt to how dangerous these individuals are when resisting arrest pay the price not only in personal injuries but also court cases after many abusers die in custody either from injuries sustained when arrested or the body just shutting down fatally having literally fought beyond limitations to the death. Physical restraints especially incorrectly applied or attempted just add to serious injuries not to mention higher force continuum options such as batons, Tasers and firearms which are much less efficient than usual due to extreme pain insensitivity. Medical intervention as quickly as possible with sedation to safely prevent them from hurting themselves and others is imperative! Tactically and physically getting them safely to that point of chemical restraint is where our training for those directly in harms way comes in.

The Cannibal Drug
The Cannibal Drug

IMG_9876So who am I and why am I writing this public awareness article?

My wife (Mirav) and I run a international combat training company called Defense Tactics. We coach workshops, intensive closed and open group training focused on force on force programs in everything from hand to hand/knife/stick/firearm combatives, counter kidnapping, car/yacht/air/pub defense, home invasion, tactical shooting and many other types of specialized purpose specific, realistic worst case force on force preparations. We coach not only individuals from the most elite military units, law enforcement in numerous countries, security groups and medical professionals but also basic self defence for practically everyone and anyone proactively smart enough to understand these skills can and will save your life and or minimize damage should the need arise. We also provide physical and mental personal training of many descriptions and Close Protection to numerous VIP’s, Celebrities, Athletes, Diplomats and those who recognize the benefits of our methodology and services in numerous fields.
An important and fundamental point that differs Defence Tactics International Combat Training and makes us significantly unique is our training methodology and the actual effectiveness of the material we teach. As an example when it comes to control, restraint and arrest tactics we have directly extracted and adapted from (to name a few) YAMAM, DEA, ASP, Gracie Combatives, SFC and numerous other highly regarded martial sciences and combat proven principle based tactics derived from specialist law enforcement and military units. We don’t teach sport oriented techniques that many times are inefficient in real time against violent criminals or drug crazed individuals especially those that will go to any level to escape, injure or kill to get away. The fact that people on Bath Salts and in a state of Excited Delirium frequently bite when being restrained is a problem especially when law enforcement or security officers employ many contemporary or traditional techniques that don’t factor in this dirty yet brutally effective extreme close quarters attack.
When it comes to basic control, restraint, arrest tactics and training the pain compliance ideology of integrated aikido/judo/jujitsu/MMA/etc has a place but all pain compliance techniques are at best 70% effective (due to realistic dynamic application, flexibility and other physiological differences that every individual has.) Now when you have a subject on PABS pain tolerance in many cases is zero and these standard C&R tactics can do little more than place people within range to be literally eaten alive.
We safely train and inoculate using the best equipment available with a relentless mindset for the worst case of outsized, overpowered and from non dominant positions as if fighting a Terminator like subject which as you may have gathered is practically what some of these people become when in a heavily intoxicated excited delirium state are.
Included with this article are a few random pictures taken during an impromptu training session that became a show and tell of certain responsible and most efficient tactics that can be employed to apprehend someone as part of a co-ordinated and specifically trained team.