Ibiza's Can Misses Hospital

The Civil Guard confirmed suicide as the cause of death of the Can Misses doctor who was tried on Monday for alleged sexual abuse of two nurses.

The man took his life a few hours after the oral hearing, which was held in the Criminal Court number 1 of Ibiza, where the two nurses who accused him of sexual abuse testified before Judge Clara Martínez de Arellano and the representative of the Ibiza Prosecutor’s Office.

Initially the Prosecutor’s Office were requesting that the doctor be found not guilty and acquitted of the crime. However, after hearing the personal testimonies of his acusers, the prosecution changed its position to that of supporting the private prosecution of the two nurses.

Consequently, both the Prosecutor’s Office and the nurses requested two years in prison for the doctor and compensation of 5,000 euros for each one for what the law terms “moral damages”.

The alleged abuses occurred in 2013 and 2014 . The investigation of the case took six years.