• How To Do The Hospital Like A Pro—In and out of an outpatients appointment in under 20 minutes.

Anybody who has not had cause to visit the new can misses hospital since its inauguration will have a double challenge awaiting them in dealing with the new hospitals layout, but also the new outpatient’s electronic check in process that has been introduced in the last few weeks.

Here we give a Giuri’s guide to dealing with your hospital appointment better than a local—from parking, to check in, to appointment and departure in under 20 mins. Is it possible? Read on.


 “Though national stereotypes are often not helpful, they do seem to have some merit in evidence. It does seem that the Germans do have particular skill in efficiency and engineering, French cuisine is renowned worldwide and we British don’t half know how a queue should be handled.

Fortunate then that our own queuing excellence may come in very handy when combined with the fact few people would consider Spain to excel in the field of public administration.

Their own shortcomings in that respect certainly seem evident on a recent visit to outpatients soon after they had commenced a new automated check in procedure which seemed to have left the entire outpatients unit in a chaotic shambles of confusion amongst the staff and patients alike.

Though it is often better to do your best to relax and see the funny side in such situations, it does seem obvious that a major mistake had been made in implementing two systems at once. Alongside the new automated system for patients to check in, is a similar system for patients requiring information and advice. You can probably see where this is going already. If you didn’t understand the automatic check in process, you would not understand the request for information and assistance process. This inevitably resulted in comical carnage with corridors bulging with confused people carrying the expressions of lost souls condemned to wandering in circles for days on end.

Bless them.

 “The check in system is actually incredibly simple and so here we run you through what it takes from arrival at the hospital for those who have not been to the new building, and through the check in procedure for those that have not had cause to go to Can Misses very recently.

  1. Arrival


The new hospital has several basement level car parks. Worth noting for those attending in right-hand drive cars, that the ticketing machines and gates are in the middle of a 30% incline so make sure your handbrake is up to it as you’ll need to get out of your car to fetch your ticket.


From the car parks use the lift or stairs back to the ground floor and enter by Entrance D (main picture)


Immediately on your left is the main information desk, though from its reputation you may as well ask a duck billed platypus for advice on changing your carburettor. Basically you are on your own and remember that all signs are in Catalan


As you enter, you will see the overhead directions and you need to turn right to department B—Outpatients

Proceed along the corridor and turn right again into department B.

Important: even if your appointment is on another floor you must check in using the machines in the outpatients department ground floor reception area.

  1. Check In


This is the machine you are looking for


You can change language to English, but it really is so simple you probably do not need to


Insert your medical card

The machine will issue you your ticket as if by magic.


The ticket contains three important pieces of information

  • The number of the display monitor you must find on the floor where your appointment is being held
  • The room in which you are being seen
  • Your personal ID number
  1. Monitor Your Monitor


Having found your monitor, you may then need to settle down with your good book for the purpose for a very long time as hospital queues are hospital; queues and however much you understand the system there is nothing you can do to change that.

This time I was 1 in 100 visits lucky in that no sooner had I found my monitor, than my number came up on the screen.

With an undoubted feeling of hatred and resentment at my fluke good fortune burning into my back from  all those others in the waiting area, I went off to what was a very quick procedure of Retinographia.

  1. Depart

A few minutes later, with my eyeballs freshly photographed for reasons I am as yet not entirely sure, I was leaving the hospital.

Car parking is paid at the machines adjacent to the stairs/lift.


You may just be able to make out from the final photo, that the speed of my visit resulted in a parking fee of only 10c. This photo is submitted in evidence to any doubting Thomas’ out there who are sceptical as to the claimed in and out time.

So from arrival parking ticket timestamp to parking machine payment, a total of only 18mins—and that’s including the time it took me to photograph each step of the way.

I cannot promise you the same good fortune once you have logged in, but at least you now have a fighting chance.