An inquest in the UK has heard details of Callum Marriott ‘s final hours before falling to his death from a San Antonio balcony.

Testimony given by friends who were on holiday with Callum says that he was treated at a medical tent during a night out at a bar hosting a live music event.

Statements given to the police said Mr Marriott returned to his San Antonio apartment alone, around five hours after being treated.

Reporting on the inquest the BBC said “he had appeared to feel better and drank some alcohol as well as water before leaving to go home.

“Mr Marriott, from Clipstone, near Mansfield, was then believed to have fallen over a waist-high balcony wall, the inquest was told.”

There was no mention of the view made by police at the time of the fall in August 2017, that he was trying to gain entry to his apartment by climbing across a balcony ledge as he had forgotten his key.

The Coroner in Nottingham went to efforts to relieve his fellow travellers of any responsibility. “He was not left on his own to find his way around the medical tent.

“He continued to socialise with them after that event, leaving them to feel confident he was well again.”

“This is the tragic loss of the life of a young man who was clearly happy, who was in employment.

“He had good friends and his loss, it is clear to me from this courtroom, is immeasurable.”

The Coroner said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death. A narrative verdict was entered that Callum Marriott had died of traumatic injuries after a fall.

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