Ibiza Video: Cala Nova, A Different Face of Ibiza

    Ibiza Video: Cala Nova, A Different Face of Ibiza

    “Every year more musicians, dancers, writers, artists and audience find their way to Cala Nova in Ibiza. They come from everywhere to share their talents. This is a movie about the art of living, A film about relationships between people, nature, and healing. This is not about success, clubbing nights, vip hotels and star dj’s. A documentary about music,life and happiness.” Israel Rojo & Gino Taihuttu

    This one hour video film impressed us in its subject matter and professionalism. Showing a side of Ibiza you will never see in the tabloids, but one you will most certainly want to know.

    The only shame is that in sharing this, and being another small part in Cala Nova’s increasing popularity, we are in all likelihood contributing to its demise. We would love to be wrong, we would love Cala Nova to be the exception to the rule; but historical reference tells us to say this, enjoy it while you can.


    Produced & Directed by: Israel Rojo & Gino Taihuttu
    Camera & Edit by: Israel Rojo, Irene Martin and Sanne Jansen

    CalaNovaCrew/Redline Post. Amsterdam, A Different Face of Ibiza