• The ‘Eurosam’ medical centre in Cala de Bou has been closed by the Ministry of Health & Police. 

Two inspectors of the Ministry of Health of the Balearic Government, accompanied by two agents of the Local Police of Sant Josep, went yesterday to Eurosam Clinic, in Cala de Bou, to record the current status of the medical centre, and communicate the formal closure to the owner.

The business had already vacated half of its premises in the Ses Fontanellas Plaza building, but was continuing to operate from premises that have been subject to a bank foreclosure, which has yet to be enforced.

At the time of their attendance there was only one patient in attendance. Police said they left without problem. Ministry of Health officials contacted the owner, demanding their attendance, however after they did not make an appearance in approaching 2 hours, the building was closed and administrative staff told to leave.

The building was not sealed as it still contains equipment claimed to be owned by previous business owners, who have an opportunity to collect it.