07/11/16; Nick Gibbs

The abandoned hotel complex in Cala de Bou is a blot on the San Antonio Bay Skyline. Every year a new round of rumour-mongering puts forward some fantastical proposals – Will it be the new West Coast Ushuaia? Will it be Ibiza’s first Tesco superstore*?


Something exciting popped up on my desktop this morning – no not her, she is always there, a necessary distraction from the ugly vista of the aforementioned abandoned hotel outside.

We received a press release form San José along the lines of finally having realised they should do something about the unfinished building project.

In this demonstration of dynamic administration, San José’s statement said that the license was granted on 27 October 2006 to build a four-star hotel-apartment with capacity for 534 people spread over 255 rooms and 6 suites around Cala Xinxo. The work had started but stopped 8 years ago. Since then, the work has come to a complete stop and is considered to be abandoned.
The deputy mayor and councillor of town planning, Angel Luis Guerrero, explained that “It is the intention of this government team to review this and other old licences that have not been started, and see which are viable. In cases where they cannot adapt to current law, they will be expired”.

With it having taken 8 years to have acknowledged its existence as an abandoned project, we are not holding our breath as to how long it may now be before any action is taken, but having the unfinished concrete skeleton as our office outlook, nobody will be happier than us to see some change.

Though the news from San José is really no news, it does scotch the many rumours that abound. Of those rumours, the most common and widespread is of a new West coast Ushuaia, but it seems very unlikely the Town Hall would take up the issue after 8 years if there were negotiations in progress.

We have previously been told by reliable sources that the project was abandoned as the developer went bust at the start of the economic crisis. Due to being left in its unfinished state for so long it would be impossible to continue building now as the steel rods in the concrete has been left exposed to the elements. It would therefore have to be demolished before any new project could begin.

The unfinished structure is at least serving some purpose however. There has been a community of homeless people living in the basements of the buildings for at least the past two years. They keep themselves to themselves, but we occasionally see them coming in and out, and sometimes ‘liberating’ electricity from the streetlight lamp-posts.

*re Tesco, unlikely, as I made that one up myself, but you would be surprised how many people bite :-)