The Xinxó beach in Cala de Bou has been closed since Friday evening due to a serious malfunction in the sewerage system causing raw sewage to be pumped directly into the sea.

Police were alerted to the problem on Friday evening by local residents reporting a foul smell in the cove. Police attended to find water company employees already in attendance.

The cove, which sits between the beach of Pinet Playa and that of Ses Fontanelles, is home to a water taxi jetty, many small pleasure craft, and has a sandy beach which at this time of year is typically very busy.

The Xinxó beach sewers are a known and ongoing problem. Sewage can often be seen escaping around the pipes, with many bathers oblivious to the issue continuing to swim in the contaminated waters.

problems with the xinxo sewers are nothing new, as this photo from 2014 demonstrates.

On this occasion the situation was bad enough for the police to close the beach, issuing orders prohibiting bathing until further notice.

The deputy mayor of San Jose has said that the problem is one of antiquated pipelines which date from the 1970s and are in terrible condition. They went on to say that the problem had been fixed very quickly, but that the beach would not re-open until Monday as a precautionary measure.