Stan Farrow

It seems that the whole western world is getting a little health conscious lately, and Ibiza is no exception. You only have to look at the excessive amount of gym bunnies in swimsuits and musclebound lads in their little orange shorts to see how important it has become to look good. Any of the 3,543 yoga teachers on the island will also tell you that nutrition is 80% of the battle to achieving that sculptured body, so it’s important to put the right fuel in the tank – even for people like me that don’t really care about looking good in little orange shorts, but just want to have the energy to get out of bed in the afternoon.


Café Bondi is the new temple to health in Sant Antoni. It opened in May this year and is located on the busy thoroughfare just by the fountains. It’s superb for people watching especially at twilight, which is handy as that is exactly when we turn up to partake in some organic fare. As a man in little orange shorts struts past I decide to sample one of the smoothies and, on the knowledge that green is good, go for the Green Machine which contains a mix of spinach, celery, ginger, turmeric, banana, honey, soy milk and blueberries. It tastes so good, that I have a second one soon after. I’ve also been told that Café Bondi has a very special cold-press juicer that keeps the nutrients intact by not using blades or heat, so I’m confident that I’m getting some healthy goodness rather than just a cup of sugar. My dining companion is not really getting into the health thing and orders a Bloody Mary, which he says is proper legit. It’s one of the many cocktails that they make, and they do have some interesting choices in beverage. Throughout the meal my companion dabbles with the more interesting concoctions such as Watermelon Mojito, Bondi’s Blondies (Gin, Aperol and Passion Fruit), Apple Cinnamon Sangria and Strawberry Lychee Sangria. He reports all interesting, all very tasty and all hitting the spot – which to be honest becomes bloody obvious over time.


I’m sticking with the health options, but I’m done with beverage to save space for foodage. I ignore the protein shakes, detox mineral waters and juices and get on with the solid stuff. We order some black olives and fluffy focaccia bread with alioli along with some chicken wings marinated in tonkatsu BBQ sauce. All of the ingredients for the food and drink are organic and you can really tell that from the taste – there’s none of that under-current of salt and weird chemical ming that you get from processed food. The wings are especially nice, even if we’re unsure what a tonkatsu sauce is.

We can already tell from the starters, but apparently the chefs are very passionate about their ingredients and love getting new deliveries of wooden pallets full of organic produce, straw and wonderful smells. Even the storeroom is supposed to look incredible and I make a note to try and take a peek at some point.


Anyway, onto the main course. I’ve gone for the Japanese slow-cooked BBQ ribs on the advice of a mate and my companion manages to order a vegetarian burger, in between sips, on the advice of the little pink elephant just in front of his eyes. The ribs are cooked in a special oven which contains coals and naturally smokes the meat whilst it is cooking. I don’t really care about the science to be honest, the result is what counts and the results are amazing. The ribs are succulent, full of flavour and topped off with some sautéed mushrooms and a tasty green salad. I also have a quick bite of the veggie burger as well as I’m not sure I can trust my companion’s impaired judgement anymore. It’s got Swiss cheese, mushrooms and rocket – it really can’t fail.

Fully content with my dining experience I watch another group of beautiful young things saunter past in skimpy outfits and ponder the rest of the menu. It’s not a huge menu, which is understandable when you know that the produce is so fresh, but they do have pizzas, salads, burgers and meat from the grill. There are plenty of vegetarian options and the thing that really grabs me is that the prices are very reasonable for the size of the plates and the fact that everything is organic – a basic pizza will set you back under 10 euros, a goat’s cheese salad is under 13 euros and the huge burger is 15 euros. Organic produce, great location, great service, really tasty food and drink, really good value – what’s not to like?!