Described by the sellers as ‘Spain’s biggest disco ship’, the VIP nightclub Trimaran is listed as being in ’as new’ condition, and priced at a cool 3,200,000€.

Sharp eyed Ibiza folk will recognise the now Barcelona based boat as one and the same vessel that promised to herald a revolution in the Ibiza party boat scene back in 2015.

The ‘new era’ of super yacht parties (see flyer bellow) were being sold for between 70€ and 200€ according to the level of VIP-ness sought, and were within weeks of launch when the plug was pulled and the service declared inoperable by promoters who cited Ibiza politics as the reason for their sudden demise.

We came across the for-sale listing in the unlikely location of Facebook’s marketplace among the dross of broken furniture and dubious origin tracksuits.

Though still presented as a floating VIP club, some of the listing photos of anorak wearing average Joe Public squeezed in for their Chicken dinner suggest the boat may have been earning its keep in the provision of less salubrious  services than originally envisaged.

If you have a spare 3.2 million kicking about, and are brave or foolhardy enough to want to take on one of Ibiza’s established tourism business sectors, perhaps you could be the one to rescue the boat from its ignominy of suffering the proletariat traipsing all over its  polished teak decks.

Below the gallery you will find the technical details for interested parties, and one or two alternative suggestions for your boat buying budget ….


  • Shipyard: Astillero Naval Shipyard
  • Designer: Victoria Jorio
  • Specification & Designation:: Catamaran type L.O.A 36.30 meters Do 10,60 meters Waterline 2.30 meters Year 1992 Qualifying (*) RINA + 100-A-1.1-NAV S; TP With special notes + IAQ-1 and + AUT UMS (*) Outside Class of 2007-2014. Renewed Class in 2014. Class D Passage Ship according to EU directive, 2014 under Spanish flag for capacity of 368 passengers.
  • After 2014-2015 planned restock, upgrade to Class C or B according to EU directive
  • Helmet Steel Material Aluminum Superstructure Speed 13 knots Gross tonnage 426 Autonomy 400 nautical miles.
  • Power: 2 x  Deutz-MWM-TBD 234 V 12 Side Type Starter Power 774 BHP Series No. 234 12 02422 Hours 5067 Hours 3 Completely Reformed Note in 2014 Type Deutz Port Side-MWM-TBD 234 V 12 Power 774 BHP Series No. 234 12 02423 Hours 4875 Hours Both engines fully reconditioned in 2014 restock. See the ones Engine reconditioning reports referred to. Propulsion Schottel Bomb Jet-SPJ 130 II


By now Facebook’s marketplace had us a little distracted, so we took a look around for alternatives on which to blow your Balearic boat buying budget. 

You could nab yourself a proper pirate galleon, argh, me hearties. Priced at 250,000€ the boat has a licencing capacity of one hundred and odd people, around a third of the super-yacht Exodus, but at a thirteenth of its price, in economic terms it may well be a better bet for your doubloons. 

Better still, how about something reflecting the perfect pace of a life that is becoming ever more familiar. This traditional Llaut will have you pootling around the Pitiuses shores for just 4,500€. Bargain.