Anti Slip Ibiza

Have you, or anyone you know, ever slipped and fallen on a wet tiled floor?

Do you ever worry that your guests might slip in the shower, bath or even around your pool?

How many people have slipped over within your premises: hotel, restaurant, shop, or even in your home – especially if they were paying guests!

These were all questions that ran through the mind of Tom Grimes…

Tom founded The Ibiza Window Cleaning Company (TIWCC for short) in 2013 to counter the problem of Ibiza’s calcified water – he cleans your windows with his own purified water.


Unfortunately, on many of the properties he visited in the course of his business he found himself constantly slipping around, even in his boots. He checked out new boots, but the problem persisted.

Frustrated, he took a different approach to the problem and swapped researching boots for checking out non-slip surface options. To this end, he experimented with the various available coatings to see which would be most effective on the various tiled surfaces that one might find on Ibiza. The one that he found most effective worked equally well on ceramic tiles, slate, terrazzo, quarry tiles, stone and even enamel baths and shower trays. Furthermore, it didn’t discolour the surface, which was a problem with many of the other options.

At last it seems, it isn’t necessary to replace your floors to make them safer, there is a treatment for most floor surfaces that will radically improve their slip resistance when wet. “Making safety affordable”, as Tom would say.

You might wonder why Tom might feel himself sufficiently well informed to undertake such a research project? The answer lies back in his past in the UK. Before succumbing to the lure of life in Ibiza, Tom used to work as a manger in Health & Safety for the construction industry, where both the use of ladders and non-slip flooring fall under UK Health & Safety requirements. This isn’t yet the case on Ibiza, but the problems that led to the requirements are…

Tom’s new venture, Anti Slip Ibiza, is the island’s sole distributor for this transparent anti slip treatment. And, Tom is so confident that you’ll like what you see that he’s offering a free demonstration on your own surface, whatever it may be, in your own home. As the company motto goes, “feeling is believing” because, ultimately, it should be a case of safety over appearance. To date they have treated pool surrounds, entrance ways, steps and bathrooms for private home, hotel and restaurant clients.


The treatment is really quick to apply, so disruption to your home or business is minimal and no special maintenance is required so normal housekeeping procedures and cleaning agents won’t affect the performance of the product. Even industrial cleaning agents for heavy-duty wear don’t affect the product’s performance.

One example of ‘making safety affordable’ involved an unfortunate child who had a nasty fall at home on the front steps, which were wet with morning dew. So the family called Tom in to treat them and now they leave home with more peace of mind. (see below/box)



“The tiles on the four steps leading to our front door were treacherously slippery in the damp mornings weather, and after the slightest bit of rainfall. Our three year old son took a nasty tumble and so we called on Anti Slip Ibiza. After the fast and invisible treatment, the steps are now impossible to slip on, much to the delight of our son, who tells me every morning, ‘Look Mama, I can’t slip anymore!’. He is fascinated by the remarkable effect and I am delighted with the results, at a most affordable price. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Hilary Crane



“We value each and every one of our supporting advertisers. From Superclubs and International Brands to Independent Tradespeople and Family Businesses—we wouldn’t be here without them. However in the case of Anti Slip Ibiza there is an additional tier of gratitude. In the short space of 18 months I have had to report on the tragic drowning of several children. Of course just one would be too many, but the common factor that has struck me in all is how very avoidable the death was. Of course they would not have all been prevented by removing slip hazards, and I respect Tom for not choosing to sell his service on scaremongering—but then it doesn’t qualify under the definition of the word if the threat is real, and it is very real around the swimming pool. Well done to Tom and his team, thank you for your business, and though we will never know about it, I am sure you should be thanked for preventing another of those tragic reports in the future.”

Nick Gibbs, Editor


To see Tom in action and for your free, no obligation quotation call Tom on 602 502 240 or email