Red and green should never be seen, or so any self-respecting fashionista would have you believe, however there is a very good exception to this rule in the Bay of San Antonio. It comes in the form of Cala de Bou’s two partner pubs Bucanero and Donnegans who sit side by side in perfect harmony.


Euro 16

Now it is fair to say that their differences will become most apparent once the football kicks off. Bucanero will be seeing red with their support going to England and Wales, whereas Donnegans of course, will be rooting for the green green grass of home. As to what will happen if and when red meet green we don’t know, but until that point it’s all good friends. Apart from the obvious benefits to world peace and harmony, this also means you can buy Donnegans Nacho sharing plates for Bucaneros, and with its impressive proportions, it will keep you going until half time at least.

But it’s not all football, and with both bars offering a whole host of fun, frolics and feasting, we thought the best way of working through it would be to start right at the beginning…


Donnegans from 12noon

The early bird of the twins, Donnegans can serve you up a brilliant breakfast to deal with the night before, whether your appetite is of epic proportions or their very popular breakfast stacker bun which squeezes in sausage, bacon, egg, mushrooms and hash brown.


Settled for the afternoon or perhaps a late arrival, their breezy terrace will keep you happy with cocktails, draft beers, including Guinness of course,  plus a shaded children’s corner with chalk boards, giant Jenga and connect 4 etc. plus – and every parent will love this one – free drink refills!! The kids menu offers a good choice at a bargain price keeping the youngsters happy whilst mums dads, lads and lasses can take on the beef beauty that is their very special house burger.


This gleaming tower of pleasers is obviously something special but it doesn’t stop there with the famed Donnegans steak pie which is marinated in Guinness and slow-cooked to perfection.


Irish Hour & Rock n Roll Bingo

From 4-7pm, Donnegans turns up the Irish music and turns down the price of drinks which should put you in a merry mood as things step up a gear for the night shift.

New this year Is Donnegans Rock n Roll Bingo where the numbers are replaced by hit songs so enjoyed by even the most petulant teenager and Bingo-phobic father.

The Buc Starts Here

As the evening moves on the doors next door are thrown open adding more bars, pool tables and the option for pole dancing into the fray.  Bucanero like their music bouncing so it is party from the outset with a good mix of house, RnB and everything to make your feet move.


Donnegans Live

To be sure, to be sure, that there is something for everybody including those who prefer music to be played on instruments, Donnegans offer an evening line-up of live acts every other night. We must make specific mention of the regular Roberto, a real crowd pleaser of a geezer who will have you singing along in no time.


Back to Bucs

By now, Bucanero resident DJ and international conspiracy theorist known and loved as ‘Monkey’ will have taken up his resident post behind the decks ensuring that party atmos never lets up. Bucanero is a bar where it is not at all surprising to see the staff dancing behind the bar as he spins his magic web. Resistance is futile, you will soon be dancing.

Those from the green side of the bar who want to continue past Donnegans bedtime are in luck, as a mere few footsteps shuffle next door means they can party on until 5am. Patrons can partake in any of Bucaneros many drinks offers, though as all roads lead to Rome, all Bucanero drinks seem to lead to shots—and nobody is complaining. To round off a perfect party they even have the obligatory Burger available from their own outdoor Grill.


As the night wears on, things can get, how should we say it, a little messy and sometimes exuberant. For the protection of the innocent this is where we will end our tale, but if you want to see up close the late night Bucanero bounce, you only need take a look at their Facebook galleries. Parental advisory applies.

One final very special service offered for female clients is that a Prince Charming will scoop you up in his arms and carry you off home at the end of the evening*, how about that for commitment to ensuring you have a good time.


*May require impending marriage.