• This latest fall follows two deaths earlier in the week, a British man in a fall from the 6th floor of the Tanit building, and a 24 year old British Man cliff diving at Cala Gracio

Rhian King

Grave Condition Following Fall

A 22 year old British tourist has been admitted to the intensive care unit of the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Polyclinic.

His condition is described as grave, following his fall from a first floor balcony at Ibiza Rocks hotel in calle Cervantes in San Antonio.

112 Emergency Services received notice of the incident at 4am, and on arrival found the man to have suffered multiple injuries and an open head wound.

He was immediately taken to the Rosario clinic and admitted to intensive care.

There is no information yet available as to the circumstances of the fall.

24yr Old Brit Dies After Cliff Jump Accident

A 24yr old British tourist, Paul Gardner of North Shields died on Tuesday afternoon when diving into the sea from a height of about six metres on Cala Gració beach. Apparently, the young man had jumped from the rocks into the water a few times already, before the fatal dive when he lost his footing, which caused him to hit the rocks.

The event occurred around 4.30pm and everything indicates that the young man died on the spot. A boat from the of lifeguards moved him to the beach where a team of SAMU 061 were waiting. The man was already in cardiorespiratory arrest and despite all the efforts made, the paramedics of the 061 could not do anything to save his life.

He had been celebrating his birthday with friends at the beach. The Guardia Civil are investigating his death.

British Man Dies After Falling From 6th Floor

On Sunday 12th at around 10pm, a 40-year-old British man died after falling into the interior patio from the sixth floor of the Tánit building, located next to the marina of San Antonio.

The victim did not reside in the building and according to the Guardia Civil, had no fixed address, occasionally sleeping on the street. He had also received help from the charitable organisation ‘Food For Ibiza’ on several occasions.

The Guardia Civil are investigating his death.