Described as a big man, very drunk and aggressive, and by his accent we assumed he was British, the staff at Can Misses accident and emergency unit continued to try and treat the man who had been taken there by Police who picked him up in the port of San Antonio.

Even their restraints of tying him to the bed did not work – and during his stay and specifically his flight from the building he assaulted and injured several staff including a caretaker, a security worker and medical staff.

The patient arrived at the Emergency Room yesterday at two in the morning, held by the Civil Guard and the Local Police of Sant Antoni. Besides being under the effects of drugs, the man, described as quite large, was very aggressive.

The Police explained to the hospital staff that they had retained the subject shortly before, in the area of ​​the port of Sant Antoni. According to the story of the agents, the man had caused a stir in the port of the town where, under the effects of drugs, he was very aggressive and threatened anyone who approached him with a sharp object. Realizing that they were going to stop him, the man tried to flee, for which he jumped from a wall about three meters high. When they managed to restrain him, the agents took him to the hospital’s emergency department to be treated for both the possible injuries of the fall and the agitation he showed.

From the first moment, the emergency staff considered it necessary to tie the patient to the stretcher, due to his condition and the aggressiveness he showed. That’s how he stayed all night until this morning he tried to flee. The man, who was not in police custody, has taken advantage of the fact that he was released to escape the facilities, assaulting all those who stood in his way.

Finally, several members of the security service intercepted him when the man, who was naked, was at the height of the old Can Misses, in the zebra crossing. There they have restrained him and taken him back to the Emergency Room.