Speaking on the second day of the World Travel Market (WTM) international tourism fair in London, Ibiza President Vicente Torres has said that “British tourism remains the most important for our island”

Ibiza Consell, along with municipalities and private companies present at the fair, use the fair to develop business with tour operators. As quoted by the Consell in their own press, to “maintain the visitor arrival figures for the UK, despite the uncertainty of Brexit, and the strong price competition from other Mediterranean countries”


In yesterday’s report, The Ibizan questioned the reliability of the AENA airport statistics used heavily by the Consell in their press defending Ibiza’s hold of market and market share. Today they switched to the official figures of FRONTUR and EGATUR.

The Consell pointed to official FRONTUR statistical data, stating that the British market was the most important in Ibiza in 2017, with 870,000 tourists, followed by Spain with 687,000 tourists, then leapfrogging the reducing German market the Italians with 428,000.

The president highlighted the increase in tourist spending, which in 2017 reached a record figure of 3,124 million euros. The officially recognised tourist spending statistics are those of EGATUR, which shows the Ibiza spend to be on course to maintain that 2017 record level in 2018.

The Ibizan produce a good range of statistical data showing long term trends. View our statistics articles here.

Tourist Tax is “Fully Accepted”

President Torres said that these figures demonstrated “that the number of visitors and spending in Ibiza has not been negatively affected by the introduction of the Sustainable Tourism tax.” Going further, he said that “On the contrary, the tax is fully accepted by the tourists who visit us, because increasingly value the destinations that care about their environment and see their positive contribution.”

The president described the decision of the Association of Hoteliers in Ibiza and Formentera to make public their criticism of the tax as a “mistake”. He said, “When we go to one of the world’s largest tourism trade fairs, such as the WTM in London, we can not go with negative messages of our island”.

British Press

The promotion of Ibiza on the second day of WTM began with a presentation to the British media organized by the Strategic Tourism Agency of the Government of the Balearic Islands. As the presentation of the first day, Ibiza highlighted the cultural and natural heritage, gastronomy and sports as big attractions for months outside high season and winter.

According to one Ibizan reader in attendance at the fair, the Ibiza presentation was “well received” with around 10 journalists in attendance.

The Consell official line went further, seeming to claim a specific success with the comment that “according to the president, the promotion continued to gain good results: “One of the major British tour operators has confirmed that they are to bring forward the start of the season to April 7th.” For our part, we believe the operator in question to be Jet2, and we believe the decision to have been taken well in advance of the WTM event.