The Diario de Ibiza have published video and supporting witness testimony of a violent incident at a Playa d’en Bossa Club.

The videos are brief, but include footage of tourists who are already prostate on the ground, being kicked in the head by security staff.

see full video below
see full video below

Seven seconds into the video, a tourist in a pale blue shirt who is prostrate on the ground is given a vicious kick to the head by one member of security staff. At around twelve seconds another kicks the same man, this time with an almost casual manner.

The Diario witness reports say that 4 men, thought to be British Rugby players including Olly Woodburn, attempted to enter the club at just before midnight.

The reports concur that the men were drunk, and when refused admission, became belligerent.

However the witness reports state that the response by security staff was completely disproportionate in the violence used, and that intimidation was used to stop people filming and reporting the attack.

According to one witness, the tourists, despite being drunk and abusive, had not hit anybody before the dozen strong security team “became angry with them and started kicking them even while they were lying on the ground, even in the face. The guys did not hit anyone and could not defend themselves,” the witness said.

According to the report the violence did not stop there. The security personnel also intercepted some young people who were at a taxi stand recording the scene and threatened to delete the videos. A taxi driver who also recorded the fight, was attacked and beaten as can be seen in the video.

The Diario witness said that the Security team were abusive and threatening people to intimidate them into not calling the police. Also that the door staff cleaned away blood with bottles of water before the police arrived.

The fight lasted about 20 minutes. Eventually agents of the Civil Guard intervened and stopped the brawl. One of the tourists had his face “completely bloodied”, according to the witness, who says that the video he recorded only shows a small portion of the attacks. “there were many kicks in the face”, he said.

Editorial Addendum

In response to several comments about the relevance of the nightclub, and that the Diario, and The Ibizan have chosen to not name the nightclub.

There is nothing in the video that would allow the identification of those involved as being of absolute certainty employees or agents of any business. It is relatively common practice for security staff to respond to each other’s problems, and who is to say who else took it upon themselves to join in. With something as serious as this taking place in a public area, you cannot name names without absolute surety, not if you want to keep your professional indemnity insurance in place.

That said, to say the name was withheld due to ‘being scared’ is ridiculous. In that situation wouldn’t the obvious thing be to simply not share it?

Personally, I would add that to me the identity of any particular club is almost an irrelevance.

Door security staff do have to deal with some pretty difficult situations, sometimes humanity at its drunken worst.

They handle most situations professionally and without the need to use a violent response. All credit to them for that.

However, most seasoned clubbers will have seen with their own eyes that on occasion they get it wrong.

The question is one of provocation and reaction. Is there any level of provocation that justifies a beating that goes beyond the need to control a situation or restrain an aggressor?

Some people will say yes, if you are a complete twat you deserve what you get. Others will say no, they are professionals and should be able to control their response.

This video serves to raise the issue, but as to where it happened, it could have been any number of clubs in Ibiza, in the U.K. or worldwide