British Man Shane Looker Faces Extradition From Ibiza to Stand Trial for Murder of Thai Dancer

Dancer Pook Manochat’s dismembered body was found in a suitcase floating on the Mae Klong river.

  • Shane Looker is said to have fled Thailand following the girl’s disappearance in 2014
  • Campaigners in Thailand directed the hunt to Ibiza where Looker is thought to have had connections in an Ibiza Town Hotel.
  • Having evaded capture for over 2 years, Guardia Civil arrested him in a sting when he booked his car, known to the police, into a garage for repairs.
  • This week Ibiza Court number 3 remanded Looker in custody awaiting completion of extradition procedures.

The defence acting for British national Shane Looker have argued that reports from the Tamuang police station in Thailand show it has not been possible to confirm with certainty the cause of death of the deceased. The young Thai dancer, whose body was found inside a suitcase was known to have connections with Looker.

At the time of the body’s discovery, Looker was said to have fled Thailand and this newspaper was contacted by parties connected to the case stating that the wanted man Looker, had connections to Ibiza and there was reason to suspect he had come to the island.

Looker’s lawyer denies that he fled Thailand and said that as soon as he became aware of Manochat’s death in January 2015, he presented himself to the British Consulate in Ibiza.

Also appearing before the court, Spanish law enforcement officials reported that Looker was the subject of an international search and arrest warrant as the alleged perpetrator of killing the Thai girl and that despite the Civil Guard knowing that he was on the island, he had been declared missing. The Civil Guard confirmed that as they had been unable to find his address, they used a honeypot sting to catch the man. Being aware of his vehicle registration number on what they said was a high end car, they took advantage of an appointment made to have work undertaken on the vehicle at a garage near the airport. When Looker arrived for the appointment officers were waiting to arrest him.

The central court of instruction ordered that Looker be remanded in custody pending application for his extradition.

  • British Man Accused of Murder of Thai Dancer Awaits Extradition From Ibiza

    From the Ibizan 769 5th February 2015

Suitcase Murder Suspect May Be Hiding In Ibiza…

Thai police named 45-year-old Britain Shane Kenneth Looker as being wanted in connection with the murder of bar tender “Pook” Manochat. Looker is said to have  strong Ibiza connections and Police have included the island in their hunt which is being assisted by Interpol.

Looker, originally from Stoke, entered Thailand on October 31st. He is said to be the last known person to be seen with Ms Manochat on November 2nd. Police say they now have DNA evidence connecting him to her murder.

On 9th November 2014 it was reported that the dismembered body of a woman had been found in a suitcase thrown into the Mae Klong River. The body in the suitcase was linked to a missing bar worker and CCTV images of the victim with a well-built white man lead to tip offs giving Looker’s identity.

Following a police search of the accommodation Looker had been staying in around that time, Police took DNA samples from several items including nail clippers and a toothbrush, and matched DNA found in the victim’s nails.

Police then found a taxi driver who took Looker out of Bangkok and from there police confirmed he had crossed the border into Malaysia.

The Bangkok website Stickboy who have covered the case in detail said they understood he had headed for Ibiza where he spends the summer months and allegedly has a share in a hotel located in Ibiza Town.

It was then reported that he may be a suspect in two similar murders carried out in the north of Thailand. The report stressed that these reports were not yet substantiated, but went on to add that the same source that provided the clues to Looker’s identity had said ““He has been known to do things like this in the past, after taking bodybuilding drugs. He is hiding in Ibiza and Thailand away from England for various other crimes”.