A British man has been fined 600€ after he fell from his hotel balcony while urinating from it.

The events took place at around five in the morning at Hotel Lively, on Paris Street in Palmanova, Mallorca.

According to reports the young British tourist was urinating from a balcony onto the lower terrace when he lost his balance and fell.

The 20 year old who has not been named was injured and had to be taken by ambulance to hospital, although his condition was not considered serious.

The Civil Guard of Calvià initiated an investigation into the circumstances of the event.

Meanwhile the Local Police of Calvià imposed a fine of 600 euros under the recently approved ‘anti-balconing’ regulations now in place in Mallorca.

Municipal sources stated that since the regulations were introduced in June, there have been ten fines issued against tourists for cases of ‘balconing’ in which it has been found that tourists ‘acted with a clear imprudence’.