The central park hotel in San Antonio, Ibiza. Photo by

The Guardia Civil have reported the death of a 33 year old British man in the Central Park Hotel located on the Egg roundabout in San Antonio.

The body was found at 4pm today, Wednesday 29th May. The Guardia Civil report says that the body shows no signs of violence, and “all indications that the cause of death could be related to the consumption of narcotic substances and alcohol”.

The statement continues to say that they must wait for an autopsy report which will be carried out by Ibiza’s Legal Medical Institute.

The report also states the room number of the deceased, however we choose not to publish that information until confirmation that his relatives have been advised.


The first report indicated that the death occurred in the Piscis Park hotel. It has subsequently been confirmed that it was in fact the Central Park hotel.

Editorial Comment

We are reporting the contents of the Guardia Civil statement. For readers from the UK and elsewhere, we would state that this type of speculation in cause of death is quite routine in Ibiza though it would be extremely unlikely for the UK police to make such a snap public statement. It may be drink and drugs, it may not be. We do not know and will report further when we do. In the meantime we hope that whatever tragic circumstances resulted in the man’s death, it will not be devalued in the casual and comedic manner that is becoming commonplace among a small minority of local people.