• It is considered most likely the man hit his head on a rock when swimming near caves at Cala Bassa.

San Jose Town Hall have confirmed the death of a 63 year old English National in a tragic swimming accident Friday afternoon.

An emergency call was made to 112 at 17:40h on Friday 23rd September. According to preliminary information gathered, the man was in a boat with some friends and decided to swim to a rocky area located 100 meters from the Cala Bassa beach.

Some time later one of the friends sounded the alarm when he noticed a body floating near the rocks.

Rescuers were dispatched from the beach following the 112 call, and took the man to the beach. Resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful and the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

It is thought most likely he had hit his head on a rock, rendering him unconscious and subsequently resulting in death by drowning.