Wakefield Coroner's Court

A British Coroner in Wakefield has criticised Spanish Police for what he described as a failure to provide any evidence of investigation into the death of 19 year old Ben Crawford in July 2017.

Ben was staying in a San Jose Villa rented with friends. He was found unconscious in the swimming pool and paramedics were unable to revive him.

It has emerged at the opening of his inquest that the group of friends had spent 3,300€ on a holiday drug stash just hours before Mr Crawford died.

The coroner said that both Cocaine and Ketamine had been found in the body of the 19 year old Rugby player, though there was no information on the amount, nor comment on whether this was considered likely as a contributory factor.

The coroner, Mr loughlin, complained of procedural difficulties in getting required information from abroad generally, but then singled out the investigating Guardia Civil for criticism stating that he did not believe the Spanish police had done “much in the way of an investigation”, adding that there was no suggestion they had searched the villa following Mr Crawford’s death.

The inquest into Mr Crawford’s death will be formally opened once the post mortem has been translated, Mr Loughlin said, adding that though he had several witnesses to call who were in the villa at the time of the death, they may choose to exercise their right not to to give evidence on the grounds of self-incrimination.

Our Report at the Time of Ben Crawford’s Death in 2018