A British man has been arrested after Hotel security staff observed him offering to sell drugs to hotel clients.

The arrested man was also residing in the same San Antonio hotel at which he was caught selling the drugs.

San Antonio Council issued a statement detailing the arrest, which took place on Sunday 11th June.

Security staff in the hotel detained the man when he was seen offering to sell drugs to Hotel guests.

Police were called and when they searched the man they found in his possession six bags of cocaine, five tablets of ecstasy and a capsule of ketamine.

The Police then took the man to his room, in the same hotel.

In the room were 56 bags of cocaine and MDMA, 42 ecstasy pills, a ketamine capsule, a set of precision scales, 2,320€, £840, 192 nitrous oxide capsules, 80 Valium pills and 5 Tramadol.

Brit Arrested For Selling Drugs in His Own Hotel

The man acknowledged the drugs, but said they did not belong to him.

The man was taken into custody and transferred to the San Antonio barracks of the Civil Guard pending further action.