Those fearing the ongoing consequences of the Thomas Cook collapse to the tourist sector may take some comfort from figures published by European ‘Sexual Encounter’ portal Joy Club. 

The hook-up portal boasts over 3 million ‘active members with proven real identities’ and in a press release today they report that their recent survey returned figures showing that over a third of their membership now elect to use hotels for their encounters. 

Joy Club considers itself the social media for erotisism. “Facebook for friends, LinkedIn for work and JOYclub for sex and eroticism”. 

In fulfilling our journalistic duty we felt obliged to take a look (:-) ), and the website’s location sensitive database immediately identified a good number of Ibiza members along with the Liberty club and a swingers’ guesthouse. 

So has anybody been smart enough to link this growing demand for hotel room sexual encounters to a booking engine? A for sex. Again we had a look and remarkably is still available, though at 80,000€ buy in it is a little out of our price league for a frivolous winter project. Someone should snap it up though. If that person is you, let us know. We own clitadvisor :-)