A fair reflection of Bondi’s fresh approach is in the diversity of plans for the winter season. But how can I cover so many different topics in one article?

I decided a mood board may be a good approach. Feels quite Bondi, but it is a first for me so here’s hoping it works.



Restaurat 2015 gastronomic festival. 


Participating restaurants offer set menus with an effective guarantee of quality in using entirely local produce, but also aided by the huge competition amongst restaurants to rank highly from their customer feedback scores. What is to you and me a great meal, is for the restaurants a serious competition among their peers.

I would not have expected Bondi to have entered with anything other than a will to win, as reflected by the little beauty above. Farmhouse chicken with ricotta and spinach served with seasoned grilled potato wedges.

The crepe is also part of Restaurat, both plates which will give you an idea of the high standard you can expect.

Restaurat runs to 13thDecember with 3 courses at 15€.

Bondi Christmas.


Plans for the festive season include Mulled Win and Hot Spiced Cider, plus a Kids Craft Club – details as follows

  • kids’ craft club for children ages 4-8
  • Wednesdays from 3:30 – 4:30PM on the following dates:
  • November 11, 18, 25, December 2, 9.
  • We will be doing Autumn and Christmas crafts.
  • Limited spaces, 5€ per class per child, 20€ if you sign up for all five classes!
  • Crafts will include: mini glass lanterns, christmas ornaments, potato printed wrapping paper…
  • Sign up by sending a private message to us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/bondiibiza


Bondi are big on juice. 


When Bondi say juice they do not mean just any old juice, that would be too simple. Bondi’s out of the box thinking ends up as into the jar drinking. They have some amazing combinations and for those wanting to take it to the next level they offer juice detox programmes with 1 or 3-day options to get you into great shape.

Looking for some grill thrills? 


With food preconceptions tumbling all over the place I am glad to reach the safe ground of the Grill Menu. Even Bondi cannot turn thick juicy steak and ribs into something your doctor would advise. Or could they?

Well not completely as it turns out, but they go a long way in minimising the negative of your Neanderthal cravings, without sacrificing the taste.

The source of this weapon in their disarming armoury comes with a name, and that name is Josper.

These Josper Grill Ovens are pretty big news in those catering establishments that dictate the news.  I’ve seen the one in Heart, and if you are Michelin starred and you need a grill, Josper is the one you have.

So what is its trick? Basically it just does the whole job of grilling a whole lot better. A big part of it is the sealed in nature of the construction. It uses 40% less charcoal to generate  hugely greater cooking power and relies far less on flame.

Add to the cooking method Bondi only sourcing meat from healthy and happy sources, (happy, I like that) including farmhouse chicken, which runs free and is not fed the antibiotics of their less fortunate farmed cousins. 

Well I have had the ribs and a burger and I can confirm they certainly do live up to the claim. Bondi’s grilled meats are nothing short of fantastic, and their nightmenu  “parillada de carne” gives you all the juicy flesh you could ask for. It is served with grilled vegetables and 2 Coronitas at an affordable 19€ per person (min 2 people)