File photo of the Reggae Bar on Pinet Playa Beach, Close to where the body was found.

Terrible news today Saturday 11th April with the announcement by the Police that the body of a young man has been found dead on Pinet Playa, a beach also known as Reggae Beach, in Cala de Bou in the municipality of Sant Josep. 

Information is still limited. The Police are reporting the death as being of a young man in ‘street clothes’. Honestly, we do not know if they are using the term to describe rough/vagrant clothes, or urban wear. 

The communication states that the local police received a telephone call at 9.55a.m. on the morning of Saturday 11th April, alerting them to a body seen floating in the sea off pinet playa beach.

Two patrol cars were dispatched, and one officer had to go into the sea, approximately 15 metres, to bring the body to shore.